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Contact with Parents


Young people derive the best value from their education when parents and school cooperate for their benefit.

Parents have a vital role to play in helping their children establish good homework routines, alerting the school when problems arise, taking an interest in their progress, and providing the stable and caring home life which allows young people to thrive. The school in turn needs to provide parents with regular information about their child’s progress, to consult with parents when important decisions are made, and to make parents feel that it is approachable and responsive as well as accountable. We aim to respond to phone calls within the day, where possible.

Parents can also join our ‘Parents Forum’ which meets every 6-weeks. If you would like to join the forum please contact Mrs Robson, Headteacher’s PA for further details.

Meetings and Individual Contacts

Meetings are held for parents:

  • Before their children join the school.
  • At annual Parents’ Meetings which take place between 3.30pm and 6.30pm on designated days. School closes at 2.30pm on these days.
  • In Year 9 to outline GCSE options available at Key Stage 4.
  • In Year 10/11 to explain the arrangements for Work Experience.
  • In Year 11 to outline the opportunities available to students at post-16.
  • Major school residential visits and activities are invariably supported by an evening for parents.
  • As new initiatives unfold parents will be given the opportunity via consultation and through formal presentations by senior staff to keep abreast of developments. The Headteacher welcomes any informal enquiries from parents on any matter, and appointments can be scheduled on request.
  • ‘Parents Forum’ meetings take place approximately every 6-weeks. Agendas are set by parents and the Headteacher who chairs the group. We discuss a wide range of issues and contributions from parents have helped to shape school priorities from 2010.
  • We will also periodically ‘text’ parents to update them on key issues, and also to remind them as required about meetings and so on.

Learning Leaders have designated phone lines to aid communication and they will contact parents if they feel that something needs to be discussed. Any parent who has a complaint about the school’s curriculum, matters of policy, or indeed an issue regarding an incident at school, is urged to contact the Headteacher so that the problem can be resolved as quickly as possible. If this fails, then the matter can be taken up with the Chair of

Governors or the Local Education Authority (See list of Governors – Here).

Heads Of House

Heads Of House have responsibility for the House that your child will be placed in. They are your main point of contact for curricula and pastoral issues.

Contact a Head of House.