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Separate assemblies are held at 8.50am for each House throughout the week. The current schedule is as follows:

Monday – Africa
Tuesday – Asia
Wednesday – Europe
Thursday & Friday – Year Groups

Assemblies are led by the Senior Leadership Team and the Learning Leaders. A key aim of the school assembly is to promote tolerance and understanding with regard to difference and diversity. Assemblies are also a valuable arena for reinforcing high standards of conduct and behaviour, and recognising and rewarding student successes wherever they are. At the end of each term we have presentation assemblies for all year groups, where students across the school receive rewards for the work they have completed. The awards presented focus on the following: Academic and Sporting success; Excellent progress made and Exceptional performance; Exceptional effort made; and Recognition for the contribution that students have made to the life of the school and wider community.

Our assemblies reflect what is common in the main Christian traditions. Parents have the right to withdraw students from all or part of school assembly or RE lessons on denominational grounds, although in practice this happens only rarely. Once a year, Year 7 students visit a local church for either a carol service or a leavers’ service.

Medical Provision

The school has medical facilities for the treatment of minor injuries and illnesses. Every effort is made to contact parents if a student appears to require the services of a doctor. If this is not possible, the school will seek medical help. The County Council does not cover students in the event of accidental injury. Insurance is arranged when students take part in visits, with the cost being added to the charge made for transport, etc.

Break and Lunchtimes

Break time is between 11.05am and 11.25am, and lunchtime runs from 12.25pm – 1.10pm. North Yorkshire County Caterers operate a cashless cafeteria system in the school. Students choose from a wide range of healthy options and we encourage them to make sensible choices. Any student who wishes may bring a packed lunch to eat in the dining room. In addition snacks may either be brought in or purchased to eat in the hall during mid-morning break. Students who are entitled to free school meals may obtain items at break and lunchtime up to a value which is set at the start of the school year.

Year 11 students, whose parents give permission, are allowed out of school at lunchtimes as a privilege. All other students must stay within the grounds unless their parents have written a letter asking that they be allowed home for dinner. A pass-out can also be issued for one day where a parent requests it for a particular reason. .

Lost Property/Lockers

Students should name all items of clothing and personal property. Lost property is kept by the caretaker until the end of term when unclaimed property is disposed of. Since we cannot guarantee that none of our students will ever be tempted to dishonesty, money and valuables should not be left in classrooms, changing rooms, or cloakrooms, but should be kept on the person or handed to a member of staff for safe keeping. All students are encouraged to have a locker.

A one off payment of £20 for the lockers is collected at the beginning of Year 7 and enables all students to have a locker for the rest of their school career. (£5.00 is refunded at the end of Year 11 or when the student leaves). A student’s locker may be changed over the years as their needs change. Older students tend to have larger lockers.


The Local Education Authority organises a bus service with linking taxis and minibus routes for students who live more than three miles from the school. Bus passes are obtained from County Hall. Buses may also be used on a payment basis by students who live nearer.

Students who accidentally miss their bus after school must report to one of the Admin Team in the main office, who will ensure that parents are informed and that they arrive home safely. We expect a high standard of behaviour on school buses. Any student who falls below these standards will not be allowed to travel by bus.

School Website

The school website offers a wealth of information, the latter provides access to all the letters sent home to parents, school term dates, along with regular updates on what is happening at the school. Each department regularly updates their sites, and a variety of school policies can also be accessed.


We were last inspected by Ofsted in November 2016. The full report can be accessed from the school website ( along with lots of other very useful information. Our examination results in 2015 included 83% achieving 5 Grade A*-C and 66% achieving 5 Grade A*-C including English and mathematics.

Adult Education/Youth Service

The school acts as a venue for the Hambleton Adult Learning/NYCC Youth Service who run a full programme for young people and adults. For further details please ring Hambleton Adult Learning on (01609) 533900 or NYCC Youth Service on (0845) 0349566.

Governing Body

The Governors meet regularly to review all aspects of the school’s work. There are 12 governors.

Any parent who is worried about any aspect of school policy is strongly encouraged to raise the matter with the Headteacher as soon as possible. Any problems which cannot be resolved in this way should be referred to the Chair of Governors. A copy of North Yorkshire’s procedure for examining any complaints about the curriculum is held at the school.