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Opportunities at 16


There are many advantages to students of an 11-16 school when it comes to choices at 16.

Our students are free to choose between a wide variety of post-16 providers including colleges, schools, training providers or apprenticeships. We will work with students to identify the pathway that best fits their needs.

At 16 students are also at an age when they are happy to move with many of their friends from a community of over 700, where everyone knows who they are, to a much larger institution which can support a wide range of advanced courses.

The other advantage is that students are forced to think carefully about their route to a career. For many the traditional A-level route offers a clear path to university, and large numbers of our former students have now gained degrees and embarked upon professional careers.

For others the vocational pathways at post-16 offer a surer path to further training and employment. This route can also lead to higher education for an increasing number of students.

Our students are highly sought after by local post-16 providers because they are invariably well qualified and highly mature.

Students are supported by Careers Advisers and Heads of House to enable them to make the right career/pathway choices. Our Careers Education and Guidance (CEG) programme underpins the service provided in this area.

Investigating careers and long-term career planning also forms part of the General Studies programme. We have a comprehensive programme in place and make use of professionals in the field including representatives from post-16 institutions.

We also recognise that young people need to start thinking early about potential options, and we encourage the development of ideas about futures from Year 7 onwards. We feel that an awareness of options can be motivating for young people and empower them in their learning.

The vast majority of our students go on to further full-time education or training at a local sixth form or college.