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What we expect of our Students


We aim to maintain an atmosphere which is firm, friendly and purposeful. This requires a well-ordered community in which learning is the primary aim, respect for the individual is of paramount importance, and values are established which young people will carry into later life.

We expect all our students to work hard in school and to complete homework promptly and to the best of their ability. Students are expected to come to school properly equipped with a pen, pencil, planner and ruler. Clearly it is advantageous if students have a variety of writing resources to hand. A proper kit for PE and Games is also a requirement. Please refer to the uniform list.


We expect all our students to attend regularly and to arrive at school on time. Parents are encouraged to telephone the school on the first day of absence. Students returning from absence must bring a note from their parents stating the length of time they have been away and the reasons for their absence. Our attendance clerk, Miss Alison Parnaby does call home on the first day of absence if no reason has been provided for an absence. This is to check on possible truancy and to alert parents, as well as to establish effective monitoring of attendance. A letter from parents is also required for any student in Years 7-10 who goes home for lunch or for whom permission to leave school at lunchtime is exceptionally requested. Year 11 students may take lunch off-site – this also requires parental permission and the agreement of the Head of House.


We expect all our students to respect other people and their property, by moving about the building in a quiet and orderly manner, and by exercising common sense and self-discipline. Students should name and look after their own belongings, and are advised not to bring unnecessary valuables to school. Correcting fluid and any items which could pose a danger to another person are not allowed. All property i.e. mobile phones, is brought at the owner’s risk, but if anything is lost it should be reported immediately. Individual lockers are provided for all students for a small charge. In the interests of safety, students are not allowed to carry bags around the school. All students have a locker. Students are permitted to bring mobile phones into school but must not use them in lessons, tutor time or on the corridors. Students using phones at such times should expect to have them confiscated.


We expect all our students to maintain the highest standards of behaviour in school, on their journey to and from school, and whenever they are in school uniform. Smoking is strictly forbidden at all such times. We are a no smoking campus. Students who act foolishly can expect to be reprimanded or punished. The range of punishments includes the setting of extra work, performing minor duties around the school, withdrawal from lessons, and detention at lunchtime or after school.

The Heads of House undertake lunchtime detention duty every day. Any student who misses these will be set an hour long after school detention with a member of the Middle Leadership Team. Further sanctions include Senior Leadership Team detections after school for 1.5 hours and the removal of a student from lessons to the Discipline Support Facility for a period of time.

Parents are alerted to all detentions and sanctions. Corporal punishment is no longer permitted in state schools.

In the event of serious indiscipline, a student may receive a fixed term exclusion, or in serious cases, may face a permanent exclusion. Details can be found on our Behaviour Policy on the school website. A student may be placed in our supervised quiet room following an incident in school, all serious sanctions will be conveyed to parents.


Throughout the year we provide a range of rewards for students following consistent good and better work in one or more areas, and/or positive community action. Students are also issued with ‘Green Cards’ for particularly good work and these can lead to other tangible rewards in the form of food vouchers for the canteen, stationary, letters home and gift vouchers. The planner is used to record stamps and rewards, and termly assemblies recognise achievements across the spectrum. All stamps, Green Cards and positive comments result in House Points.

Presentation Evening

In the Autumn term we have a celebration evening for all our GCSE candidates and a more formal evening with a guest speaker to recognise the achievements of children across the school.

Student Heads of House, House Captains and Community Leaders

We have a strong belief in investing our students with responsibility and various leadership roles are open to our upper school students. Each of the four houses is headed by a Student Head of House. Each Family Tutor Group has a lead student called a House Captain. In addition to this there are Community Leaders who carry out various duties throughout the school.

Student Voice

Bedale High School currently provides a number of avenues for students to have a real say in the life and development of the school…and they do! The Senate provides the main channel by which students have their say. Students are elected to the former by their peers and can join either of the other groups at any time. Students advertise extensively when meetings take place. The Senate is chaired by the assistant head teacher. The student body is consulted on a wide range of matters and their views and contributions are built into our School Improvement Plans. Students are regularly consulted by departments to elicit feedback on the quality of learning and teaching.


We have a very proactive stance on bullying and do not underestimate the impact it can have on learning, confidence and self-esteem. Every school has a bullying problem and we seek to tackle bullying head on. We have a group of staff and students in school who shape our response to bullying in school, and we have policies and procedures in place to deal with both bullies and victims. We encourage a ‘Telling’ school philosophy, and students are positively encouraged to raise bullying issues with key staff at the earliest opportunity.

We do have a robust response to all bullying incidents, which is underpinned by zero tolerance. If your son or daughter experiences any form of bullying, however manifest, please report it immediately to the Headteacher or any member of the Senior Leadership Team, as appropriate. We pride ourselves on dealing swiftly and effectively with bullying, but we are not complacent. Related policies are available on the school website and are regularly updated.

Holidays in term time

The school is unable to authorise any absence from school that does not fit one of the following circumstances:

  • Service personnel returning from active deployment.
  • Where inflexibility of the parents’ leave or working arrangement is part of the organisational or company policy.
  • Where leave is recommended as part of a parents’ or child’s rehabilitation from medical or emotional problems.
  • When a family needs to spend time together to support each other during or after a crisis.

Where a child is taken out of school for the purpose of leave of absence in term time without the permission of the school, the absence will be coded as unauthorised and as such may result in a Penalty Notice.