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Curriculum Intent Statement:

Curriculum vision

At Bedale High School, our ethos of ‘courage, commitment and compassion’ is at the heart of everything we do. We aim to adapt the curriculum to suit the needs of all students and to provide them with developmental opportunities both inside and outside of the classroom. Through personalising the learning as much as possible we strive to unlock all students potential and maximise their progress, through different pathways at KS4, including a combination of both academic and vocational qualifications. The focus is on having the highest expectations for all learners to nurture a commitment to their studies, whilst promoting high levels of engagement and enjoyment for all. Ultimately, we want to create students who are; courageous, successful learners, confident individuals and compassionate citizens, so all our energies are directed towards these key goals. Our core values of having a positive commitment to learning, resilience and courage when learning is challenging and being compassionate with each other is something we aim to instil in all students.

Curriculum rationale

We believe in breadth of learning; the right of students to study maths, literature, history, geography, English, biology, chemistry, physics, art, textiles, music, drama, media, PSHE, RE, Citizenship, languages, computing, food and PE. We also believe in developing their literacy and numeracy skills in preparing them for life after school, alongside celebrating sporting, artistic and musical achievements.

Our curriculum promotes spiritual, moral, social, cultural and physical development alongside creativity and academic work. Our curriculum also encourages students to develop transferable knowledge and make connections between subjects; whilst aiming to revisit content in a spiral type curriculum model. We place significance on PSHE and ensure every student has the opportunity to study this subject for over their five years at Bedale.

These subjects above form the basis of knowledge and skills that all students are entitled to learn. We believe that our curriculum gives our students the opportunity to develop some key life skills and enable them to become part of an educated and productive community. Therefore, the overall intent of our curriculum is therefore to maintain a range of learning experiences until the end of Year 8 and to bring in choice, support that meet the needs of each individual as well as through an effective careers’ advice and guidance, for the GCSE years.

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Key Stage 3 (Years 7 and 8)

Students experience a broad range of subjects but there is a focus on developing the basics of English and Maths as these are central to future success across all other curriculum areas. Subjects studied are as follows:


BHS KS3 curriculum model


(4 x hours)


(4 x hours)


(3 x hours)


(2 hours)


(2 x hours)


(2 X hours)


(1 x hour)


(2x hours)


(1 x hour)


Art/ Textiles

(1 x hour)

Performing Arts

(1 x hour)


(1 x hour)


(1 x hour)


**D & T

(1 x hour)


*Students chose between French and German before they arrive in Year 7;

**The Technology is run on a carousel between Food and Design and Technology students have 3 half terms within each subject.


Rationale behind a two-year KS3

  1. Our community and our school – we thought long and hard about what is right for our students and the move to a three year KS4 is right for our students as it gives them greater choice and more challenge earlier means less ‘stress’;
  2. Breadth of option choices at KS4– student will have the opportunity to study 4 option subjects over three years rather than 3 option subjects over 2 years;
  3. Breadth of KS3 curriculum – this has now improved as we are able to offer one hour each of Drama, Music, Art/Textiles, ICT and Design and Technology and Food;
  4. A variety of bespoke pathways – the supported pathway has been designed to give students more literacy and numeracy support. The enhanced pathway has been designed to get more students studying the EBAC, a language at GCSE and the opportunity to take triple Sciences. Finally, the standard pathway is designed to allow students choice of 4 option choices with a range of academic and vocational courses available;
  5. A tighter KS3 curriculum design – students may transfer more easily from KS2 and avoid a Year 7 ‘dip’ or ‘lull’ in their progress. They will not have time to make a slow start at secondary school, or to waste time repeating material already covered at KS2. The wasted year – when we arrived there was a lack of drive and motivation with Year 9 and the change in curriculum and move to a three year KS4 was partly designed to combat this feeling.
  6. KS3 curriculum organisation – it has allowed us time to review SOL and pedagogical approaches and see which is the most efficient, exploring and focussing our attention on the quality of the curriculum offer at KS3 and making it more efficient;
  7. Curriculum Design – Key stage 4 includes all statutory areas, including highly rated PSHE. Students opt for four other subjects to study to GCSE level or equivalent. The offer is broad and enables progression through to key stage 5 in all areas. All courses have the same value and are allocated the same curriculum time.
  8. National Curriculum coverage – Students complete their full national curriculum entitlement at KS3 in all subjects taught discretely;
  9. Challenge – students are challenged and engaged from day 1 increase the pace of teaching the knowledge and skills required which means there is less change of the slum after KS3.


Key Stage 4 (Years 9,10 and 11)
AllEnglish and MediaMaths and ICTScience and TechnologyHumanities and MFLCreative Arts and Health
Head of Faculty – Mr T Wild

Head of Faculty – Mr J Moulding

Head of Faculty – Mrs L McGuinness-Brown

Head of Faculty – Mr A Childe

Head of Faculty – Mrs L Lumsdon