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Art at Bedale High School

At Bedale High School Creative subjects (art, music and drama) are studied on a carousel rota at key stage 3, and then students can opt for this subject at GCSE in key stage 4.
In Art the aim is to make students be aware of different artists, develop a range of drawing, painting and modelling skills and use these artists influences as inspiration to be creative and  produce their own work.


KS3 topics:

The first topic is informed by the theme ‘Naughty but Nice’ based upon artist Joel Penkham. They will explore and develop ideas around the Formal elements.

The second topic is based on a theme called ‘Meadow’, inspired by the work of Norfolk born artist Angie Lewin, to present a final lino print.

KS4 topics:

Students will complete a portfolio.  Students develop responses to initial starting points, project briefs or specified tasks and realise intentions informed by research, the development and refinement of ideas and meaningful engagement with selected sources.  These starting points are extremely wide so students can be truly creative in their responses and work in a rage of media.  The work of 1 GCSE student is rarely similar to others.

Students respond to a starting point provided by AQA for their externally set exam. This response provides evidence of the student’s ability to work independently within specified time constraints, realise intentions that are personal and meaningful and explicitly address the requirements of all four assessment objectives, developing ideas, Experimenting, Recording and in ten hours produce a final piece. Students will complete a pre-public exam in November of Year 11, where they will select their own starting point. They will develop their own ideas, experiment appropriately, record ideas and present a final informed piece. Additionally, in the summer of Year 10, students will have the chance to practice exams still in a more limited way.


KS3 and KS4 students are assessed on each topic by using a range of homeworks, practical skills, and creative classwork.


Independent learning tasks are set in accordance with the current starting point and will aid progress and development in lesson via practical or theory based tasks.  All homeworks are displayed on Show my homework.

Extracurricular opportunities

In the past, students have been involved in a range of opportunities such as photography competitions and helping with the KS2 art transition days.  Some students have also taken part in life drawing lessons.  Students are also welcome to attend lunchtime Art session to continue working on their individual pieces.