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Computing at Bedale High School

Everyone studies Computing at Bedale High School in Key Stage 3 (KS3), and then students can opt for this subject at GCSE in Key Stage 4 (KS4). We develop students’ vital understanding of the digital world covering Computing, Information Technology and digital literacy to ensure that students have the essential skills for education and work in a digital age.


KS3 topics:

Computing focuses on the skills of computational thinking, abstraction, decomposition, problem-solving and pattern recognition. These skills are used to support the development of programming skills using Python and more general problem-solving activities across the rest of the computing curriculum.

Digital literacy focuses on the essential day to day skills that involve the use of technology in a school setting such as email, file management, using the internet, cloud storage and collaborative working to name a few.

Information technology focuses on solving problems using existing applications, ranging from websites and multimedia through to data processing and data handling tasks.

KS4 topics:

At KS4, students have the opportunity to select from 2 options. The first is a GCSE in Computer science building on the foundations from the computing strands at KS3 but also relying on key skills from the other areas. The second option is a vocational qualification in Information technology, where students learn project management, cybersecurity and data handling skills.


KS3 and KS4 students are assessed on each topic by using a range of homeworks, online quizzes and written end of topic tests, assessments are slightly less frequent in computing in line with the curriculum hours assigned to the subject. Students also take part in regular online assessments where we can compare their progress with students from other schools who take the same tests.


Students receive homework slightly less frequently in Computing at KS3 to match the reduced curriculum allowance.  Homeworks are set on show my homework and are usually completed online using show my homework or files that are shared with students using Office 365 which integrates with Microsoft office which students can download for free to install at home.

Extracurricular opportunities

We run support sessions one night a week after school and most lunch times where students can ask for help with classwork, homework or just to continue to develop skills.  We have had a number of students use this time to complete extra qualifications.