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Creative Arts: Drama at Bedale High School

At Bedale High School we encourage and nurture creativity, encourage reading for pleasure and use extracurricular activities to expand the skills, knowledge and enjoyment of education. This includes the exciting delivery of the Drama.

In Key Stage 3 Drama supports the English Curriculum in the delivery of reading, writing and speaking skills. We promote a world view using drama as a tool to explore social, political and religious surroundings and explore issues in a safe environment, providing students with a platform to discuss, perform and share their findings. During Key Stage 3 they explore other cultures, drawing on the skills and techniques of past practitioners and looking at contemporary theatre to develop an understanding of the world around us.

KS3: In Year 7 students explore a range of drama skills from storytelling, characterisation, storytelling and physical theatre to improvisation. In Year 8 students learn about the history of theatre: Greek theatre (chorus work), Medieval Theatre (Commedia), Elizabethan Theatre (Shakespeare), Victorian Theatre (Received Pronunciation) and Contemporary Theatre (modern playwrights).

KS4: GCSE is a three year course starting in Year 9. Year 9 students have 2 hours of drama a week and Years 10 and 11 have 3 hours of drama a week. The course is made up of three components:

  • Component 1 – Understanding Theatre

1hr 45min written paper

The written paper is based on a set text (Blood Brothers) and a live theatre production = (80 marks) 40%

  • Component 2 – Devising Theatre

Students create a performance around a given stimulus (20 marks)

Devising log (2,500 words) (60 marks) = 40%

  • Component 3 – Texts in Practice

Students perform two extracts from a script, both work 20 marks (40 marks) = 20%


KS3: All students are formerly assessed at the end of each topic. Formative assessments are completed throughout the topics and students are given written feedback in the form of progress reports.

KS4: Students in years 9 and 10 complete mocks in all components of the course including the written paper. The first part of their GCSE is completed in Year 10 (Component 2) and Component 1 and 3 are completed in Year 11.


Homework in KS3 is set out in a booklet at the beginning of each topic and consists of ongoing tasks relating to the wider context of Drama. In KS4 homework is set weekly and recorded on Show My Homework.

Extracurricular opportunities

Drama club runs every Tuesday afterschool for Years 7-11 and everyone is encouraged to have fun. Activities range from games, script work to improvisation and they are all predominantly student-led; thus, encouraging creativity, co-operation and concentration alongside developing a wide range of skills in an informal atmosphere. It is fun, it’s creative and leads to performances in the Christmas and summer showcases.