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Why Study General Studies?

In KS4 students will study the NEW General Studies as a weekly lesson beginning in Year 10 and taking the GCSE in Year 11. Within these lessons students will cover a variety of topics building on their learning from KS3 including:

  • Personal Finance
  • Relationships (including sex, contraception & STI’s)
  • World of Work (including letter of application, C.V and interview preparation)
  • Healthy Lifestyles
  • Risk (including alcohol & drugs)
  • Identity, Diversity, Democracy & Justice
  • Careers Education
  • Political and Economic
  • Artistic and Cultural
  • Social and Ethical
  • Scientific and Technological

GCSE General Studies provides a good introduction to citizenship and the broadening of the curriculum. The knowledge, understanding and skills raised in citizenship and PSHE lessons are consolidated and rewarded with a full GCSE qualification.

Overview and Review 2012 – 2013
GCSE Analysis 2013-14



– Citizenship, PHSE and Enterprise

In addition to General Studies lessons, Citizenship, and Personal, Health and Social Education themes are explored across the curriculum, through themed curriculum days, assemblies and special events throughout the year.

– Future prospects

The skills developed through the PSHCE, Citizenship and Enterprise programme are essential life skills enabling our students to understand themselves and identify career paths to suit them. They will have the skills to manage their careers and their finances and will be well prepared to join a rapidly changing labour market.

Scheme of Work



The GCSE is assessed through 2 exams and no coursework, with each exam contributing 25% and 75% towards the final grade. Year 7-9 receive 1 assessment per term to ascertain understanding of each topic and monitor progress.

Assessment Policy

Level Descriptors


Faculty Values

Develop curiosity, interest and enjoyment in Life Skills

Provide access to General Studies through a range of delivery methods

Develop an understanding of how Social, Moral, Cultural and Spiritual issues have applications and implications for us all

Develop in students a responsibility for their own learning and work independently

Be able to use investigative processes to find answers and develop the ability to communicate and collaborate

Develop in students consideration and care for the environment and communities

To develop an understanding of the importance to be healthy, be safe, enjoy and achieve, make a positive contribution and achieve economic wellbeing

Students are able to operate as an understanding, knowledgeable citizen who achieves economic wellbeing if they can;

  • Express views
  • Research
  • Discuss
  • Present
  • Evaluate for improvement
  • Gather information
  • Evaluate evidence

This is NOT Achieved By;

  • Copying notes
  •  Unnecessary illustrations
  •  Listening only to the teacher
  •  Rote learning without comprehension


Guidance for the NEW independent project – Housekeeping Challenge – for General Studies;

This new Independent Learning Challenge has stemmed from parent feedback and was delivered in lessons last year but due to the lack of home learning resources and limited lesson time due to such a large subject content has become a new home project which is completed for housepoints. I hope you will support and encourage your son/daughter to take part in it and develop these important life skills.

Please read the guidance on the document and follow the instructions on each challenge to collect and record the evidence to show your GS teacher.
1. This is for all year groups
2. The project is optional home learning, it is a home learning challenge, not homework.
3. Evidence should be well presented and organised in a file and GS staff will award the house points and inform Mrs Parker-Walton of good examples and the first completed examples.
4. The completion of evidence handed to your GS teacher will lead to up to 310 house points and particularly good examples as well as the first 10 completed will also receive prizes.
5. There is no time frame or deadline (only the academic year to complete some or all of the challenges).

If you have any questions please contact Mrs Hall at


Spiritual, Moral, Social, Cultural

Please see the link below for details of the way SMSC is promoted:


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03.09.14 – General Studies Outlined Scheme of Work Yr 7-11

03.09.13 – General Studies Home Learning Challenge


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