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Geography at Bedale High School

The study of geography at Bedale High School provides all students the opportunity to:

  • Acquire knowledge and understanding of a range of places, environments and geographical patterns from local to global, as well as an understanding of the physical and human processes, including decision-making, which affect their development;
  • Develop a sense of place and an appreciation of the environment, as well as awareness of the ways in which people and environments interact, the importance of sustainable development in those interactions, and the opportunities, challenges and constraints that face people in different places;
  • Develop an understanding of global citizenship and the ways in which places and environments are interdependent;
  • Appreciate that the study of geography is dynamic, not only because places, geographical features and issues change, but also because new ideas and methods lead to new interpretations;
  • Understand the significance of people’s values and attitudes, including their own, in how decisions are made about the use and management of environments and resources, in relation to geographical issues and questions;
  • Acquire and apply the skills and techniques – including those of map work, fieldwork and GIS – needed to conduct geographical investigations.

Curriculum overview

Key Stage 3

Year 7: 

  • What is Geography?
  • Map Skills
  • Population and Urbanisation
  • Case Study: The Horn of Africa
  • Weather and Climate
  • Case Study: India

Year 8: 

  • Tectonic Hazards
  • Comparing Regions: China, Russia and The Middle East
  • Glaciation and Tourism

Key Stage 4

Year 9:

  • UK Landscapes: Overview
  • Coastal Landscapes
  • Ecosystems, Biodiversity and Management
  • Resource Management

Year 10:

  • Weather Hazards and Climate Change
  • Global Development
  • River Landscapes

Year 11:

  • Changing Cities
  • Exam preparation. Prior to the Easter holidays, students will be issued with a revision session timetable (which is also published on this website). All revision sessions are voluntary for students to attend and take place at lunchtime. Compulsory after-school booster sessions begin after Christmas for targeted students.

Exam board:

GCSE Geography (9-1) EDEXCEL A (Mr Childe, Head of Humanities and MFL, is the Chief Examiner for this specification).

  • A revision guide is available to purchase here.
  • The course textbook is available to purchase here.
  • Full specification links can be found here.


  • Formative assessment of class work takes place every two weeks, where students have the opportunity to respond to feedback and improve and correct work.
  • Summative assessments take place once per half-term, at the end of each topic. At Key Stage 4, there are also mid-topic assessments to track progress and target areas of the course that require further attention.


For both Key Stages, homework is set once a week and is published on ‘Show My Homework, along with any useful web links, power points and video clips. Students in Years 7 and 8 are expected to spend approximately 30 minutes on homework each week, and this increases to between 45-60 minutes at Key Stage 4. The day of the week that homework is set is detailed in the Home-Learning Timetable on the website.

Extra-Curricular Opportunities

Fieldtrips are an integral part of the Key Stage 3 and GCSE Geography courses, and the school provides opportunities for students to develop their enquiry and investigative skills throughout their time at Bedale High School. Fieldtrip locations include:

  • Year 7: Bedale as part of the ‘Mapskills’ topic.
  • Year 8: Malham in the Yorkshire Dales as part of the ‘Glaciation and Tourism’ topic.
  • Year 9: Filey as part of the ‘Coastal Landscapes’ topic.
  • Year 10: Arkengarthdale as part of the ‘River Landscapes’ topic.
  • Year 11: Leeds as part of the ‘Changing Cities’ topic.

In addition to these fieldtrips, there is also an optional five-day expedition to Iceland for Key Stage 4 Geographers in the summer term.