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Media Studies at Bedale High School

Key Stage 4

Media Studies is about understanding the world around us. To fully understand the influence the media has students will be given the option to study texts from the worlds of television, film, print media, advertising and popular music and respond to them critically, before using their knowledge to create their own media products. This subject is being offered as a new GCSE option to start in September 2018 with first examination in 2020.


Year 10: Exploring the Media

Exploring Media Language and Representation – looking at print media forms: magazines, marketing (film posters), newspapers, or print advertisements.
Exploring Media Industries and Audiences – looking at the media forms: film, newspapers, radio, video games.

Year 11: Understanding Media Forms and Products

Television – exploring media language and representation.
Music (music videos and online media) – exploring media industries, audiences and media contexts.

Years 10 and 11: Creating Media Products (30%) Non-exam assessment (NEA):
An individual media production for an intended audience in response to a choice of briefs set by the exam board, applying knowledge and understanding of media language and representation. Students can produce a media product in the form of: television, magazine, film or music marketing.


• The GCSE is assessed through two exams and one non-exam practical assessment.
• Summative assessments take place once per half-term, at the end of each topic/sub-topic.
• Students will need to have a reasonable standard of written English, an interest in the world of the media and a willingness to work hard throughout the course.

Homework will be set once a week at Key Stage 4 and will be published on ‘Show my Homework’ along with any useful resources, web links, powerpoints and video clips. Students are expected to spend approximately 45-60 minutes at KS4. The day of the week that homework is set will be detailed on the Home-Learning Timetable from September 2018.

Extra-Curricular Opportunities
Students who choose this option will be encouraged to explore the world of the media in their own time and develop their practical media skills. There will be a lunchtime film club and opportunities to see the media at work outside of the classroom on a number of organised trips and with speakers employed in the media visiting the school.