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GCSE Art & Design- Photography

The Art Department offers the AQA Art and Design syllabus in PHOTOGRAPHY. This course allows students to be creative in photography through a wide range of themes.

Students will learn to use photo editing programs, set up photo shoots and develop their own ideas and work.

The department has eight digital SLR cameras, and students are welcome to use their own.

Students will go on visits and trips for their photo shoots.

To achieve their best on this course, students need to be wholly committed and able to work independently.


Over the 2 year course students will complete:

  • A portfolio of work selected from different projects.
  • Predictive Assessment Examination
  • An externally set task (exam)

The final GCSE grade is based on

  • Coursework & Predictive Assessment Examination                = 60%
  • Exam preparation studies and the final exam                          = 40%

GCSE Art & Photography Exam

 The preparation time for the exam starts in February. This unit of work is based on the GCSE Art & Design/Photography exam questions. Students visit  galleries or museums to ensure varied and interesting starting points for their exam piece.

  • The preparation studies are completed in lessons before the final exam.
  • The time allowed for the exam is up to 10 hours.
  • Students are assessed on a range of skills including, the study of artist work & techniques, developing and planning ideas and producing a final piece.

Students are set a Predictive Assessment Examination at the end of the Autumn term in year 11 to prepare them for their GCSE exam in the spring.