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Why study Workshop Technology

Design and Technology is a fun hands on subject, designed to stretch designing and making skills using a wide range of tools and processes which are a mixture of traditional and modern. Bedale High School offers both AQA Product Design and Edexcel Resistant Materials at key stage 4 and from day one in Year 7 we strive to teach many new designing, manufacturing skills and processes to all students via a hands on approach. Students are taught how to work with woods, metal, plastics, electronics and to develop traditional graphics skills alongside modern Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided Manufacturing processes.


KS3 Skills are taught in project form of 6 weeks or so and work is assessed regularly with feedback given with praise regarding WWW (What went Well) as well as demonstrating to a student how to improve via EBI (Even Better If) Students are aware of what their current grades are and what their target grades are with House Points awarded for work produced.

KS4 students are referred in much the same way as KS3 students but the grades are related to assessment criteria from either AQA Product Design or Edexcel Resistant Materials mark schemes, past papers and projects.


Curriculum Map

Year 7

Introduction to the workshop
The Spinning Top project involves technical drawing, 2D and 3D drawings, working with pine, hand tools and drilling machines.
The Cam Toy project moves students onto measuring and cutting with greater accuracy to produce a housing jointed frame with a moving cam and animated movement. Students use Techsoft 2D Design for the first time to draw and manufacture the cam. Graphic skills are revisited and developed.
The Travel Game project introduces the students to vacuum forming, use of the guillotine, belt sander and mechanical fret saws as well as the laser cutter and more use of Techsoft 2D Design.

Year 8

Year 8 students manufacture a traditional pine box to their own dimensions from a set plank of wood after researching and costing up their materials. The box had a LDR sensed alarm which the students assemble themselves.
Developing their CAD skills further students manufacture a dual movement push along self assembly toy out of acrylic which is boxed with self assembly instructions.

Year 9

Year 9 introduces students to metal work and pewter casting. Students research art deco and art nouveau design movements before manufacturing moulds via CAD and CAM mould to pour molten pewter into. The castings can either be pieces of jewellery or a key ring in either design movement style. The finished products are blister packaged. During the process students are introduced to and taught about bespoke and batch production methods.
On completion of the pewter project students look at modern production lines and how automation is used. Students programme models using FLOWOL and also learn how to download programmes and tunes to a PICAXE microchip.

Key Stage 4

Students on opting for Workshop Technology are taught an number of practical skills and processes which are designed to introduce them to AQA Product Design or Edexcel Resistant Materials. Students look at both exam papers in detail during the autumn term and then choose which subject is best for them to achieve their highest grade.
From January of Year 10 until the end of the Christmas term Y11 students work on designing and manufacturing their major GCSE project before studying the subject content in depth during the spring and summer terms of Y11 ready for the exam in June of Y11.

Extra Curricular

The workshops are open two lunchtimes per week and one evening per week for students to pursue extra-curricular opportunities or keep up to date with coursework.