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Design and Technology: Textiles at Bedale High School

At Bedale High School design and technology subjects (resistant materials, textiles and food) are studied on a carousel rota at key stage 3, and then students can opt for this subject at GCSE in key stage 4. For generations crafts, techniques and traditions have been passed down families. The pure skill of creating a garment or product from scratch is second to none!

Textiles encourages students to develop a broad view of design and technology. As well as develop their capacity to design and make textile products, Textiles allows relationships between design, materials, manufacture and marketing to be explored. Textiles links the creative mind to the practical hand of a student.


KS4 topics: (Current – 2018/19 – Year 10 and 11 only)

Students will complete a range of mini projects based on current fashion trends, recycling & sustainability, moulage and pattern cutting. All students will develop their construction skills through a selection of practical tasks and develop their material knowledge, as well as developing  drawing, IT and communication skills.  Students will learn various aspects for the manufacturing industry from core, specialist and design and making principles.  Students will develop a portfolio of theory work.

Currently students in KS4 are studying a course which focusses more on the mechanics of materials and suitability for use in certain garments.  however, from September 2018 students will studying a course which focusses more on the creative element of textile design and how designers seek inspiration from different artists, countries and popular culture. Both courses are under the AQA exam board.


KS4 students are assessed on each topic by using a range of homeworks, practical skills, design classwork and written end of topic tests.


Homework’s are strategically planned in order for students to progress. The homework’s are based on the current topic and are aimed at developing and extending students’ knowledge and understanding. All homework’s are displayed on Show my homework on occasion with success criteria, objectives, examples and/or videos to watch.

Extracurricular opportunities

In past years The Clothes Show Live has been very successful for Textiles students to attend. Many more new possibilities are expected next year such as: The Knitting & Stitching Show- Harrogate and Bowes museum, Barnard Castle.