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At the end of each unit of work all students in Key Stage 3 will be assessed, however, each half term, a wider holistic assessment is used to derive extensive knowledge of each student’s personal areas of strength & where gaps in understanding exist. This is used by the teaching staff to plan for progress across all abilities. This is described in detail in the ‘Minimum 3 Levels Progress Guide’.

Link to ‘3 Levels Progress’ Doc.

How will I know how I am doing?

Each half term pupils will be given an assessment. Each assessment sets challenges in all areas of the syllabus to be covered at a particular level/grade. In order for a pupil to move to the next level they must first show they are fully competent at a level by registering 2 top tier scores for a particular grade (e.g. 7A/C1). In order to focus independent study and enhance progress in between half-termly assessments each pupil is provided with a detailed assessment profile which highlights the pupils’ strengths and weaknesses. The assessment profile provides a personalised set of topics that require further attention these are accessed via the school’s mymaths platform. The students complete the advised revision exercises prior to the next assessment in the hope of closing the gaps in the weaker areas of their learning. The number of tasks requested and completed is monitored by the classroom teacher. To support the students MyMaths encompasses a support lesson for every topic that can be undertaken prior to completing the revision tasks. In addition the department’s website (Fronter VLE) houses a complete electronic text book which can be used for additional reference/exemplar modeled work.

Upon completing each half termly assessment the students’ profiles are updated to give a comprehensive, personalised record of topics at the working level/grade where learning is considered consolidated or requiring intervention. An example of this is given here. This sheet also records targeting information for the students and homework completion statistics.