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GCSE Statistics

Students successfully completing their mathematics course in Year 10 can study for an additional GCSE in Statistics. This course utilises the skills they have gained in Data Handling within the Mathematics GCSE and expands this to incorporate additional statistical techniques as well as higher order statistics not studied within the Mathematics syllabus. The course is studied for one year and is structured to allow the students to undertake a piece of investigative work that concludes in the production of a report which is submitted as the Controlled Assessment portion of the examination, worth 20% of the total marks. The remaining 80% is available via a single, 2hr examination. This course can be undertaken at Higher of Foundation tier and is recommended for any student intending to follow up at A-Level in Mathematics or any A-Level with a heavy weighting of analytical techniques within it e.g. Psychology.


Students successfully completing their mathematics course in Year 10 & intending to continue their mathematics studies to A-Level, can study for an additional qualification known as a Free Standing Qualification in Mathematics [FSMQ]. This is a Level 3 qualification and is designed as an introduction to A-Level Mathematics whereby the students are exposed to a number of the strands of mathematics that they will be required to study in Y12/13. The course is structured in 4 main strands: Number Theory, Algebraic Techniques, Geometrical Techniques & Calculus. In each section, the course also introduces the student to the applied mathematics associated with that particular strand as would be seen in the full A-Level. This course is intended for students attaining a top grade at GCSE.