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Why Study Maths?


The Mathematicss Department aims to help students develop confidence and acquire the essential skills of mathematics upon which numeracy depends, which will be needed for the study of other subjects and is key in everyday life. We also hope to give students an insight into many more of the abstract mathematical ideas and develop an understanding of the concepts and principles of mathematical reasoning and processes which underpin the developments in Science, Engineering & Technology which we all enjoy the benefits of in our modern lives. Mathematics is a challenging and rewarding subject and there will be plenty of opportunity to appreciate and enjoy mathematics and gain familiarity with a wide range of mathematical topics:

Buzz Phrases & Basic Statistics

To emphasise the importance of Mathematics here are some harrowing statistics with regards to British mathematics education, highlighting the need as a nation for us to improve if we wish to prosper economically.

Pisa 2010 puts Britain at 25th out of 34th for Mathematics knowledge

A recent study showed that adults with GCSE Maths earn on average £8,000 more than those without.

As such we feel it critical to stive for outstanding performance from students in this subject.