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Curriculum Map

KS3 Science topics:
Be Reactive
Systems for Survival
What are things made of?
Rocks and their uses
Staying Alive
Earth, Space and Beyond
Light and Sound
Why are we different?
What’s in a reaction?
Using Energy Environmental Chemistry
How do we stay healthy?
Exploring Electricity and Magnetism
How do living things interact?
How things move?

KS4 Science topics:
B1 You and your genes
B2 Keeping Healthy
B3 Life on Earth
B4 Processes of life
B5 Growth and development
B6 Brain and Mind
B7 Further Biology (triple science students only)
C1 Air quality
C2 Material Choices
C3 Chemicals in our lives: risks and benefits
C4 Chemical Patterns
C5 Chemicals of the natural environment
C6 Chemical synthesis
C7 Further Chemistry (triple science students only)
P1 The Earth in the Universe
P2 Radiation and Life
P3 sustainable Energy
P4 Explaining motion
P5 Electrical circuits
P6 Radioactive materials
P7 Further Physics (triple science students only)

Some students will not follow the GCSE syllabus and will instead follow a BTEC syllabus which leads to qualifications equivalent to Grade C or better.  The BTEC syllabus is also made up of Biology, Chemistry and Physics topics which cover similar topics to the GCSE syllabus but in a more applied setting.