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Curriculum Map


All students in KS3 follow a structured curriculum in Drama where they will try out a variety of skills.

Year 9

  • Term 1 – Basic skills: movement, mime and voice.
  • Term 2 – Spontaneous improvisation
  • Term 3 – Greek tragedy and making connections with the real world


GCSE Drama has three components:

  • Unit 1: A practical exploration of a theme or topic. This is examined in class over 6 hours and is followed by a 2000 (max) written evaluation.
  • Unit 2: A practical response to a script. Again, this is examined in class over 6 hours but this time the written evaluation is shorter  (1000 words max).  Students also write a 2000 word (max) review of a live performance that we have seen together.
  • Unit 3: A group performance before an audience that includes an Edexcel examiner. There is no written examination.


Course Commitments

Students do not require any special equipment but must be willing to have a go and need to be aware that they will work with a range of different students and not just their immediate friends. Also, while the written component of the course is not very large when compared to other subjects, it is still a vital part and needs full attention. After-school rehearsals require dedication, particularly as the final examination approaches. Finally, good attendance is essential because it is very difficult to catch up with group work that has been missed