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We try to see as many live performances as possible, so trips to the theatre are very important and all students are encouraged to attend. In addition, we have had professional performers come into school, as well as specialist workshops. There have also been several whole school productions such as: Oliver, My Fair Lady, Bugsy Malone, The Wizard of Oz and When The Lights Go On Again. We have also visited London to see performances of Wicked and The Woman In Black.

What our students say: “GCSE Drama is great fun. It helps you to gain confidence and you learn about different ways to express your feelings. It can be difficult at times and there is written work to do. But you can always get help.”

                                    “Personally, Drama is our favourite subject because it can provide a relief to the stress of other GCSE courses. However, it is still hard work! It has given me a much wider perspective with the topics we have covered and helped us to become more confident and express ourselves in different ways. We both advise anybody wishing to take the subject to do just that!”