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Why Study Leisure and Tourism?


In the UK, over 2.5 million people are employed in leisure and tourism. It is the fastest growing industry in the world and therefore experience in this field will increase the prospects of a good future career. The course will give students a broad understanding of leisure and tourism, including the important vocational areas of customer service and marketing, as well as providing an insight into both the sport and recreation and travel and tourism industries in the UK.

This relatively new course is being offered by the Geography Department as part of the school’s Specialist Status programme. It should not however be seen as an alternative to the popular traditional Geography course.

The course has Geographical connections in Unit 1 and very strong vocational links with Business Studies for Units 2 and 3. With this in mind the course will be taught by Mr Fawcett who has taught in both of these subject areas.

What is a GCSE in Leisure and Tourism?

A GCSE in Leisure and Tourism is a nationally recognised work-related (vocational) qualification designed to provide you with a choice of routes into further education or employment

A double award is a qualification equal to two GCSEs covering the ability range from A* to G.

The course is normally run over two years and students will sit their exams at the end of the course.