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At the end of each unit of work all students at Key Stage 3 will be assessed in a variety of modular tests, ranging from listening and reading comprehensions, to speaking and writing tests.

How will I know how I am doing?

In MFL you will be set individual targets that will help you to develop your skills and understanding. You will receive regular feedback about your work when you complete homework, during class based work sessions and in your regular review points.

We would expect you to work towards a level 4 or above in year 7, a level 5/6 in year 8, a level 6/7 in year 9.  Some people will no doubt excel in this subject and achieve levels that are beyond the expected for the year group. Remember this course is designed so that you have a variety of opportunities to achieve.

Just because you find one thing difficult doesn’t mean there won’t be another that you excel in.  Try everything out and give it your best shot and you will see your learning improve.


Listening (20%) and Reading (20%) – end of year 11

Speaking (30%) and Writing (30%) – a minimum of 2 tasks in each

Speaking tests last 4-6 minutes

Writing tasks require approx. 200-300 words per assignment (up to 2 sides of A4)

How do we practise these skills?

For Listening and Reading

  • lesson time
  • including past papers
  • native speakers
  • pen friends
  • magazines
  • webpages etc.

…ultimately it is down to the vocabulary you know and looking for gist.

For Speaking and Writing

  • topics
  • broken up in to sections
  • the task
  • 6 hours prep time
  • the test

…so we give you the answers, then the questions, then you learn it…simple!