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Why Study German?


Apart from the fact that languages are fun, active, challenging and valuable for your future, there are good reasons for studying them:

* Not everyone speaks English. We live in a world of many different languages. 94% of the world does not have English as their first language. 75% of the world does not speak English at all.

* A little language can make a lot of difference. Jobs from receptionist to top-level management need language skills. There is room for all levels of ability in all types of work. Students in other European countries study languages until they are 18 and they are able to get jobs because they have language skills. More than 54% of employers in a recent survey said they were more likely to hire a person who speaks more than one language. They also pay these people more money.

* Languages improve your understanding of how other people live and the quality of your life. A great way of getting to know and understand other people is by learning their language. It can also help you understand your own language better.

* Bedale High School Modern Foreign Languages department is up to date, lively and very successful and we provide an excellent and varied curriculum in French and German.

At KS3 all students study either French or German in Year 7 and continue with this into Year 9. The curriculum is supported by excellent materials including course books, workbooks and ICT packages. All 4 skills are given equal priority – Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. The skills and strengths of the members of the languages team help us deliver the curriculum in a lively and interesting way.


Every year we arrange for German Language assistants to assist with the teaching and learning at Bedale High school, offering the students the chance to communicate with native speakers.