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This policy is designed to provide staff, students and parents with a framework regarding formative assessment of students work within GCSE PE.

The following must be taken into consideration:

  • Each student in each class can expect to have a least one written, curricular target. Where possible students will be given chance to improve their work according to the target.
  • Checked work will be identified using symbols. The symbols identified are to be used.
  • Peer and self assessment can be used by students as a method of assessment.
  • Oral feedback, one of the most effective methods of feedback, is to be used as necessary.
  • Students are to be aware of the department’s policy on assessing work.

This policy is for examination PE Courses:  

  • GCSE PE (Edexcel 2PE01)

1) Each student must have at least one piece of work (written, practical or presentation) marked each half term

2) In each of the respective PE courses the student’s folders and exercise books should be taken in and monitored once per term i.e. GCSE PE folders should be checked by their GCSE PE teacher every term to ensure that they are up to date and not missing work

3) The checked work should detail i) a positive comment about the work or how well the student is learning and ii) an area of the work or of learning for the student to develop.

The target is related to learning and how to improve the quality of their work and should not be an effort grade i.e. try harder or simply that this work is at “C” level!

4) Any written work will be checked using symbols identified in the ‘marking policy’

5 Each teacher should ensure that every student has the opportunity to use at least one peer-assessment or self-assessment activity during each half term period

6) Students will be made aware of the departmental formative assessment policy at the beginning of the course.

7) When a piece of work has been checked and a target has been created then students should where possible have an opportunity to improve the quality of the work

8) Students will be made aware of the targets they have been set by the teacher writing a comment (WWW and EBI) on their work and teachers should record the target

Examination PE Marking Policy

–          Underlined sentence with a tick= correct (good point)

–          Circled word with sp= spelling mistake

–          Circled sentence with punc= punctuation mistake

–          Circled sentence with BOD= Sentence been given the benefit of the doubt

–          Circled sentence with TV= Sentence is too vague or doesn’t make sense

–          Circled sentence with a ?= not relevant or incorrect statement

–          Circled sentence with a rpt=  repeated comment