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Curriculum Map

The Physical Education curriculum at Bedale High School is structured in order to give a wide experience of different sporting opportunities. It contains all areas of study as defined by the National Curriculum. The curriculum is broad, balanced and allows development in an array of sporting activities.
In Key Stage 3 the children study Games, Gymnastics, OAA, Athletic Activities and Swimming. In Key Stage 4 the pupils are exposed to a curriculum containing Games, Gymnastics, Dance, Outdoor and Adventurous activities, Athletic Activities and Swimming.

The delivery of the curriculum for year 7 through to Year 11 is from a variety of specialised & non-specialist staff. The teaching styles adopted vary according to the sporting activity and level of ability of the classes and individuals. All learning styles are catered for across the range of activities. The aim of every lesson is to ensure that the children have been active and found some enjoyment from the work covered. They will have gained an insight into the activity being developed and found some understanding of the ‘how’s’ and ‘why’s’ related to the activities taught, together with the use of the four strands of the National Curriculum.