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Health and Social Care


CURRICULUM LEADER: Miss L. McGuinness BSc (Hons)


Why Study Health and Social Care?

We’re all human and therefore share a large number of similarities, and yet we are all unique.  What happened to people as they get older and live their lives?  How do they changes physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially? What can happen to people to affect their lives? Howe can divorce affect people? What about neglect or abuse? What about a promotion at work? Or a very poor diet? Or substance misuse? All your questions will be answered on this fascinating course……



Unit 1: Understanding personal development and relationships

  • Patterns in growth and development
  • Physical, social, emotional, economic and environmental factors that affect people
  • Types of relationships and the effects of relationships, abuse and neglect on people
  • Self concept, self esteem and factors that affect it
  • Effects of life experiences on people and sources of support

Unit 2: Health, Social care and Early years provision

  • The needs of client groups
  • Types of care services available
  • Accessing care services and barriers to access
  • Jobs in health, social care and early years and skills needed
  • How care workers apply the principles of care at work

Unit 3: The nature of Health and Wellbeing

  • Definitions of health and wellbeing
  • Factors positively influencing health and wellbeing
  • Factors negatively influencing health and wellbeing

Unit 4: Promoting Health and Wellbeing

  • All of unit 3 PLUS
  • Indicators of physical health
  • Health promotion methods



Unit 1 (20% of final grade) is assessed by a 1 ¼ hour exam.

Unit 2 (30% of final grade) is made up of 2 assignments and is assessed by controlled assessment.

Assignment 1 Interview a client who accesses local care services and analyse how their needs are met.

Please note: students MUST have access to a client who uses local health, social and/or early years services (e.g an elderly person, a disabled person, a young child)

Assignment 2 Describe the roles of 3 care workers, their skills and how they apply the principles of care in their jobs.

Unit 3 (20% of final grade) is assessed by a 1 ¼ hour exam.

Unit 4 (30% of final grade) is made up of 2 assignments and is assessed by controlled assessment.

Assignment 1 Measure a person’s health and analyse the results

Assignment 2 Produce a health promotion plan for an individual


Extension Work and Homework

Homework is a vital part of the learning for this course because the vast majority of the content of this course is brand new to most students.  It will be set regularly once per week.  The homework will always cover the topics recently covered in class to see how well the student understands the topics covered, and to see if the students needs to spend time reading over that topic again.


Enrichment and Extracurricular

Students can take part in the “Virtual baby experience” but this is NOT part of the assessment of the GCSE.