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In KS3 we using level 1 units from the ITQ qualification to demonstrate successful completion of many of the key topics in IT and hope to be able to  use a new Level 1 computing course to demonstrate progress in computing. Pupils will be able to take tests in these units to show further progression up to grade D or be able to complete work at level 2.

How will I know how I’m doing?

You will be able to self-assess your work as you submit it to the teacher and for assessment units you will be graded on individual criteria using the scale N – No evidence , L – Lower than the required standard, S – Secure, H – Higher than the required standard.

Once all criteria have been completed for a unit you will be awarded points to your overall qualification.



Assessment of the Compulsory IT component and the optional IT course are through Level 2 ITQ Units with pupils working towards the equivalent of 1, 2 or 3 GCSE’s. Pupils may be able to complete some units at Level 3 as extension work.


The new specifications have moved further towards terminal exams and we will publish further details once we have selected a specification for 2016.