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Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Silver Programme


  • The Silver Award is available on request to year 11 students. Those who wish to participate must approach the Leader to start, and are responsible for discussing and helping to decide dates for the expedition, choosing methods of transport to the starting and pick-up points, and therefore working out the overall cost.
  • The Silver DofE programme also has 4 sections: Volunteering, Physical, Skills and Expedition. You need to do at least 6 months Volunteering and a minimum of 6 months on either Physical or Skills and 3 months on the other. It’s up to you which one you do for longer.
  • The Expedition section involves a planning day, a training 3 day expedition and a final 3 day (2 night) assessed expedition.
  • If you start your Silver without doing Bronze first, you’ll have to do an extra 6 months volunteering or doing whichever of the Physical or Skills sections you have spent more time on. Though you can change your mind later, you should decide which section you want to do for longer at the beginning. Knowing how long you’re going to do it for will help you to choose your activity and set your goals for each section.
  • It will take you at least 6 months for Silver if you’ve already achieved your Bronze (or 12 months if you’ve jumped straight into Silver.)

2019 Silver Expedition dates

29th June A one day training in Reeth. Drop off at Tourist Information (DL11 6TB) by parents.

It will be a full day and pupils will need to arrive promptly at 0930 and be picked up at 1600.

Training expedition

Sunday 7th July – Meet at 0945 at Cowesby – look out for the Alfresco van! Hike to Osmotherley and camp. (Camping charge will be £10.50)

Monday 8th July – Hike from Osmotherley to camp at Great Broughton. (Camping charge will be £7.50)

Tuesday 9th July – Hike from Great Broughton to Lord Stone Café. Parents pick up at 1530 at Lord Stone Café.

Assessed expedition

Saturday 13th – Meet at Bedale High School at 0830 prompt for bus. Hike from Low Row to camp at Keld. (Camping charge will be £7.50)

Sunday 14 July – Hike from Keld to camp at Hardraw. (Camping charge will be £7.50)

Monday 15 July – Hike from Hardraw to Askrigg. Parents pick up at 1530 at Askrigg.