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Access to the Parent and Carer Portal


Communication between Bedale High School staff, Parents and Carers is key to ensuring our whole school community is working together in the learning process to support and boost students’ achievement.

With our online portal, SIMS Learning Gateway, we are able to share information with parents instantly and securely by enabling online access to real-time data. Accessible, anytime, anywhere, information will be available to all those who may need it.


SLG will enable parents to be better engaged. Information will be provided to support students effectively; this includes giving instant access to achievement, progress and attendance information. Further benefits include;

  1. Parents will be able to access their child’s attendance details.
  2. Parents can fill in their contact details as and when they need to with the online data collection form.
  3. Parents can access data on their child’s achievement and behaviour, and click through to the assessment graphs for more detail.
  4. Parents can see their child’s timetable, lesson times and teachers.
  5. Parents can access their child’s termly assessment reports.


Instructions for using Learning Gateway can be found below;

 Parent and Carer Portal Access



Troubleshooting Fixes can be found below;

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