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Young people at 11 years of age look forward to starting at secondary school, although they invariably have many expectations and perhaps a few anxieties. Considerable effort is put into making the process of transfer as smooth and positive as possible. In the Autumn term students in their last year at primary school are invited to spend a day or more at the school. They learn to find their way around the buildings, try out school meals, meet other students and experience some secondary school lessons. An Open Evening is also held for Year 6 students and their parents, usually in October, to enable them to meet the teaching staff, see the facilities we have to offer and ask any questions they wish. During this visit students meet their new Head of House and Family Tutor. At about the same time an evening meeting is held for students and their parents at which they meet the child’s Family Tutor and Head of House who outlines all the necessary practical details in preparation for September.

 The school has close links with all its link primary schools and we keep in close touch during the year to ensure that all students, some of who may have learning difficulties, are properly prepared for the transition to high school. Each year our teacher with responsibility for transition and our SEN team visit all the schools in June to meet the students who are due to move on.

The Assistant Headteacher is always ready to meet the parents of any prospective new students at any time during the year. In the case of students who join us part way through their time at secondary school, we particularly want to meet both parents and students before they start with us. This affords the opportunity to look around the school during the working day and to explain what we offer and to outline expectations. We hope that these arrangements will not only allow parents and students to make informed choices before admission but will help to establish the personal contacts which are so important for a happy and successful education. At the start of the academic year we have a phased introduction to school which enables Year 7 students to spend a day in school before other students return. At this time they are supported by Year 11 students who will mentor them during the day to ensure that their transition is as smooth as possible.

The Admitting Authority for Bedale High School is North Yorkshire Children and Young Persons Unit within North Yorkshire County Council. They manage the admission process and any application for places must be directed to this Unit. See the link provided below for access to the Local Authority’s web page

If you wish to contact the school regarding admissions, please contact Miss Parnaby (Student Records & Enrolment) at the school. Should you wish to meet with the Headteacher at any time please contact Mrs Harrison, the Headteacher’s PA, who will schedule an appointment.

Students who live outside the area

Over the last few years we have been able to admit all students from outside the area who have applied. Parents living outside the area are advised to contact both the school and County Hall early in the year. The school roll is presently 591 (7th September 2016).

Annual admission limit

Our admission limits are as follows:

187 for Year 7
187 for Year 8
187 for Year 9
187 for Year 10
187 for Year 11