Home Learning

We are in the process of updating the information in this section – please check back soon or contact school if you have a query.

It is the school’s policy that all students are set home learning appropriate to their age and ability. The rationale behind home learning is that any extended learning opportunity should be meaningful, enjoyable and support their learning, whilst helping students to develop effective private study habits outside of school. This will encourage our students to become independent enquirers which is one of the key skills needed for further education and the world of work.

As there will be a wide variety of tasks set by teachers, the amount of time students spend on homework will vary, but as a general guide we would expect about one to one and a half hours of additional study per evening at Key Stage 3, and between one and a half to two and a half hours at Key Stage 4.

The schools weekly home learning timetable is in place as a guide to what can be expected each week, to help develop student time management skills. There may be times when project work is set over a longer period of time and therefore may not be set every week, but this will be recorded on show my homework. Students are expected to use show my homework to record homework at all times as this will aid organisation and strengthens the communication between home and school. Students will be given an appropriate deadline to complete the work (rarely for the next day), enabling students to self-manage their workload each week and start to learn the important life skills that are needed in the world of work.

Parents and carers can help staff and students by checking show my home learning and downloading the app on any smart device. All parents and carers will have specific log on details so they can track what home learning has been set for all of their children who attend BHS.   Students should check show my homework on a daily basis and can use the app as a way of communicating with teachers, if they do not understand a piece of home learning. We believe that show my homework helps provide parents and carers with a good understanding of the work taking place in school and leads to better outcomes for students. If students regularly complete their home learning to a high standard their academic results improve. A parent can make a huge contribution to a child’s future wellbeing by having high expectations with regard to the completion of home learning to a high standard. Please help by providing a suitable study environment with the necessary resources; by taking an interest and by encouraging and praising the effort your child is making. Please find some useful links below:

Home Learning Policy

Guide to Show My Homework for Parents

Y7 homework timetable 2020-2021

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Period 1

7N/Cs1 Computing RBA


7N/Te2 Technology SCH


7N/Te3 Technology ABR


7S/En1 English BMC


7S/En2 English LWO

7N/Ar2 Art ELU


7N/Fr1 French CWI


7N/Gm1 German BMC

7N/Cs2 Computing MDR


7N/Cs3 Computing FHA


7N/Te1 Technology ABR

7M/Ma1 Maths JMO


7M/Ma2 Maths MDR


7M/Ma3 Maths DMU


7M/Ma4 Maths FHA

Period 2

7S/Cs1 Computing RBA


7S/Te2 Technology ABR


7S/Te3 Technology SCH



7S/Ar2 Art PAC


7N/Mu2 Music ELU


7N/Hi1 History RHA


7S/Hi1 History ITA

7S/Gg2 Geography ACE

7S/Dr1 Drama LWO


7S/Sc2 Science SJE (on a rota with ABR)

Period 3 7N/Gg1 Geography JST

7N/Sc1 Science SBR (on a rota with PBY)


7S/Sc1 Science HTH (on a rota with PBY)


7N/Gg2 Geography ACE

7N/Dr1 Drama LWO


7S/Mu2 Music ELU



7N/Sc2 Science ABR (on a rota with SBR)

Period 4

7N/En1 English TWI


7N/En2 English GCH

7N/Ar1 Art PAC


7S/Cs2 Computing RBA


7S/Cs3 Computing TKE


7S/Te1 Technology SCH


7N/Hi2 History ITA

7S/Fr1 French CWI


7S/Gm1 German BMC

7S/Dr2 Drama LWO


7S/Gg1 Geography ACE

7N/Dr2 Drama TKE
Period 5

7S/Mu1 Music ELU


7S/Hi2 History MGI

7N/Sc1 Science PBY (on a rota with SBR)


7N/Sc2 Science SBR (on a rota with ABR)

7S/Ar1 Art PAC


7S/Sc2 Science ABR (on a rota with SJE)



7N/Mu1 Music ELU


7S/Sc1 Science PBY (on a rota with HTH)

  • In the first half term, only English, Maths and Science will set HW. After this, other subject HW will be introduced.
  • Computing, drama, art, music HW is once a fortnight
  • Technology HW could be 1 small piece per week, or 1 larger piece per fortnight depending on the project.
  • There will be no HW for Games or PSHCE

Y8 homework timetable 2020-2021

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Period 1   8N/Sc1 Science SJE

8N/Dr1 Drama LWO


8S/Cs2 Computing RBA


8S/Cs3 Computing TKE


8S/Te1 Technology ABR


8N/Gg2 Geography JST

8N/Sc2 Science SBR (on a rota with RBA)

8E/En1 English LWO


8E/En2 English SNO


8E/En3 English GCH


8E/En4 English BMC

Period 2

8S/Ar2 Art PAC


8S/Dr1 Drama LWO


8N/Ar1 Art PAC


8S/Gg1 Geography JST


8S/Gg2 Geography ACE


8N/Hi2 History ITA

8S/Dr2 Drama LWO

8N/Sc2 Science RBA (on a rota with SBR)


8S/SC1 Science HTH (on a rota with RBA)


8N/Hi1 History ITA

Period 3  

8S/Cs1 Computing RBA


8S/Te2 Technology ABR


8S/Te3 Technology SCH


8N/Fr1 French CWI


8N/Gm1 German BMC

8N/Cs1 Computing RBA


8N/Te2 Technology SCH


8N/Te3 Technology ABR


Period 4

8S/Ar1 Art PAC


8S/SC2 Science LMC (on a rota with HTH)

  8S/Mu1 Music ELU

8M/Ma1 Maths DMU


8M/Ma2 Maths FHA


8M/Ma3 Maths JMO


8M/Ma4 Maths MDR

8N/Ar2 Art PAC


8N/Mu1 Music ELU


8N/Hi2 History RHA

Period 5  

8N/Cs2 Computing RBA


8N/Cs3 Computing DMU


8N/Te1 Technology SCH


8S/Fr1 French CWI


8S/Gm1 German BMC

8S/Mu2 Music ELU


8S/SC1 Science RBA (on a rota with HTH)

8N/Mu2 Music ELU


8N/Gg1 Geography ACE

8N/Dr2 Drama LWO


8S/SC2 Science HTH (on a rota with LMC)


8S/Hi1 History ITA

  • Computing, drama, art, music HW is once a fortnight
  • Technology HW could be 1 small piece per week, or 1 larger piece per fortnight depending on the project.
  • There will be no HW for PE/games or PSHCE

Y9 homework timetable 2020-2021

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Period 1      

9D/Cs1 Comp Sci RBA


9D/Gg1 Geography ACE


9D/Hi1 History RHA

9N/Sc1 Science HTH


9N/Sc2 Science SBR


9S/Ci1 Citizenship ITA


9S/Ci2 Citizenship RHA

Period 2  

9E/En1 English TWI


9E/En2 English SNO


9E/En3 English GCH


9E/En4 English SCA

9C/Dr1 Drama LWO




9C/Sp1 Sport studies CTE


9S/Sc1 Science LMC


9S/SC2 Science SBR


9N/Ci1 Citizenship RHA


9N/Ci2 Citizenship ELU

Period 3

9B/DT1 Design Tech SCH


9B/Hi1 History ITA


9B/Ar1 Art PAC


9N/Sc1 Science LMC


9N/Sc2 Science SJE


9S/Sc1 Science HTH


9S/SC2 Science JST

Period 4

9C/DT1 Design Tech SCH


9C/Gm1 German BMC


9C/Me1 Media SNO


9M/Ma1 Maths FHA


9M/Ma2 Maths JMO


9M/Ma3 Maths DMU


9M/Ma4 Maths MDR

9A/Ft1 Food P+N ABR


9A/Fr1 French CWI


9A/Gg1 Geography JST


9A/Mu1 Music ELU


Period 5







    9B/Ft1 Food P+N ABR   9D/Tx1 Textiles PAC
  • There will be no HW for Games or PSHCE

Y10 homework timetable 2020-2021

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Period 1        

10A/Ft1 Food P+N ABR


10A/Ar1 Art PAC


10A/Me1 Media SCA


10A/Pe1 PE JBI

Period 2  

10N/SC1 Science SBR


10N/Sc2 Science SJE


10S/Sc1 Science



10S/Sc2 Science LMC

10N/SC1 Science LMC


10N/Sc2 Science HTH


10S/Sc1 Science SBR


10S/Sc2 Science SJE

10D/Ft1 Food P+N ABR


10D/Cs1 Comp Sci RBA


10D/Gg1 Geography JST


10D/Mu1 Music ELU


10D/Tx1 Textiles PAC

Period 3

10C/Fr1 French CWI


10C/Gm1 German BMC


10C/Dr1 Drama LWO

10E/En1 English TWI


10E/En2 English SCA/SNO


10E/En3 English GCH


10E/En4 English AKN

Period 4

10M/Ma1 Maths MDR


10M/Ma2 Maths DMU


10M/Ma3 Maths FHA


10M/Ma4 Maths JMO


10M/MA5 Maths PBY




10B/Gg1 Geography ACE


10B/Hi1 History MGI


10B/Hi2 History ITA


10B/Sp1 Sport studies CTE

10S/Ci1 Citizenship ITA


10S/Ci2 Citizenship RHA

Period 5

10N/Ci1 Citizenship ITA


10N/Ci2 Citizenship RHA


10C/Hi1 History RHA


10C/Hi2 History MGI

  • There will be no HW for Games or PSHCE


    Y11 homework timetable 2020-2021

      Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
    Period 1    

    11N/Sc1 Science LMC


    11N/Sc2 Science HTH


    11S/SC1 Science SJE


    11S/SC2 Science SBR

    11S/SC2 Science HTH


    11N/Ci1 Citizenship TKE


    11N/Ci2 Citizenship JST

    11N/SC1 Science SJE


    11N/SC2 Science LMC


    11S/Ci1 Citizenship ACE


    11S/Ci2 Citizenship ELU

    Period 2

    11E/En1 Englosh TWI


    11E/En2 English SNO


    11E/En3 English GCH


    11E/En4 English AKN

    11D/It1 ICT RBA


    11D/Gg1 Geography ACE


    11D/Pe1 PE JBI

    11A/Mu1Music ELU    
    Period 3        

    11C/Ar1 Art PAC


    11C/Pe1 PE JBI

    Period 4

    11A/Ft1 Food P+N ABR


    11A/Cs1 Comp Sci RBA


    11A/Hi1 History RHA

    11M/Ma1 Maths JMO


    11M/Ma2 Maths DMU


    11M/Ma3 Maths MDR


    11M/Ma4 Maths FHA

    11B/Me1 Media SNO


    11B/Me2 Media SCA

    11C/It1 ICT RBA


    11C/Gm1 German BMC


    11C/Hi1 History MGI

    Period 5

    11D/DT1 Design Tech SCH


    11D/Fr1 French CWI

    11B/Gg1 Geography JST


    11B/Tx1 Textiles PAC


    11B/Dr1 Drama LWO

        11S/SC1 Science LMC
    • There will be no HW for Games or PSHCE