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Tel: 01677 422 419

Learning is our core purpose and all adults and students are encouraged to see themselves as lifelong learners.  The quality of teaching at Bedale High is rarely less than consistently good and often ‘outstanding’. This high quality teaching coupled with teachers’ high expectations, enthusiasm and meticulous planning ensures that the overwhelming majority of our students make rapid and sustained progress.

Teachers at Bedale have excellent subject knowledge and work tirelessly to plan and deliver lessons that not only challenge and engage our students but also inspire and motivate them to succeed in all walks of life and ensure the best possible learning experience for our students. All of our teachers work to a clear Teaching and Learning policy which stresses the importance of delivering exciting and relevant lessons, designed to provide a wide range of learning experiences both within and outside the classroom. All staff and students alike are seen as individuals. At Bedale we feel that a key element is to have the personalisation of learning at the core of all we do. This is why our students and staff are life-long learners and are given every available opportunity for personalised development.

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