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Tel: 01677 422 419

All members of the teaching staff work to the school Home Learning Policy, which can be found on the Policies page, as we regard homework as an essential part of the school curriculum.

Homework should be set and managed effectively. For example, the purpose and instructions for each homework task should be clear, and both pupils and parents should know how and where to get help.

Pupils can be given different tasks according to their ability levels, or the same task but with different levels of support. Homework should be marked regularly, with feedback provided to both pupils and parents. It should be spread evenly over the course of a school week and the school year.

The quality of completed homework will be monitored and reviewed by the school at regular intervals, in consultation with pupils and parents. Your support is seen as essential here as we need your feedback too please.

Support, resources and advice is available for pupils who find learning at home difficult, for example homework clubs, in school (lunchtime or after school), the LRC and online resources uploaded on to the school vle and linking from the website.

To view a helpful and useful booklet  to help you support your child please click on the link below. This booklet provides a range of information and tips aimed at supporting young people to achieve their best in their school work, whether it’s homework or exams.  It gives ideas of how to provide your child with the best practical support in the home as well as an understanding of what works well for young people under the pressure of completing work and exam revision.

This document is well suited to all ages groups and is particularly relevant for those in Y10 and Y11 who are currently studying for their GCSEs.

There is plenty of revision help and exam advice for students on the our school vle and from our “i am Learning” web-based package – both are accessible from the student pages on this website. Most subjects produce their own, or sell commercially published, revision guides too.

The homework timetables are found on the student pages of the website here.