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Africa House




Miss E Bilby (AfEBI)

Miss J Kilbane (AfJKI)

Ms K Mackenzie (AfKMA)

Mr K Shaw (AfKSH)

Miss L Pope (AfLPO)

Mr M Burgess (AfMBU)

Mrs M Faint (AfMFA)

Mr M Sellers (AfMSE)

Miss N Pendlington (AfNPE)


The Africa House represents the world’s second-largest and second-most-populous continent.

Our House colour is purple.

Our mascot is the meerkat. We chose this because the meerkats have a tremendous sense of community spirit. They live in close knit communities and even take it in turns to have a look out meerkat to watch over the extended family. This reminds us of our peer mentoring system, when all Year 11 students adopt a new Year 7 on the first day
in September and keep an eye out for them throughout the Autumn Term.

Our value is Unity. We chose this because we believe the way to succeed is to stand by each other and support each other. We feel this value embodies the spirit of Africa House and is evidenced by our many successes (see below).

Our motto is Acta Non Verba (or Deeds Not Words). We chose this because too often we feel people sit around criticising or complaining when we should be taking action to put things right. We want to be the “active and doing” House helping to bring about positive change for the school and the wider community.

Our inspirational person is Nelson Mandela. Although we believe his death in 2013 constituted a huge loss to the world, we continue to be inspired by his lifelong determination to work towards equality and justice in South Africa.

Our theme tune is Shakira’s “This is the Time for Africa”. We play this at the start of many assemblies. Mrs Britain has helped us create a Zumba routine for it in PE and we all join in with this on Sports’ Day.