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Student Mentoring


All year 11 students will act as mentors to year 7 students. All current Y.10 students will be paired with a Y.6 student. The Year 10 (who will then be Y.11) students will also be responsible for inducting the Y.6 students on the first day back in September (see First Day section).

Student mentoring involves a learning conversation regularly during tutor time

The aims of the mentoring program are:

  • To raise self esteem and self confidence in our students
  • To increase students’ motivation and broaden their horizons
  • To raise students’ levels of achievement and help them realise their potential
  • To enable students to become self aware, including their areas of strength (whether academic
    or personal) and the areas they need to develop
  • To give staff the opportunity to develop new skills and understanding as part of their own personal development
  • To train ‘peer mentors’, who are generally older students who help and guide the younger ones
  • To be part of a strategy to create a more harmonious ethos around the school which is conducive to the pursuit of knowledge and the development of citizenship skills in our students