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School Statement – 10th March 2017

Bedale High School

Bedale High School has recently introduced a new behavioural code as part of an action plan to improve teaching and learning in the school.

The code includes a range of measures to ensure that students are focused and can get the most out of their lessons and wider school provision.

These measures include students having access to fresh drinking water at all times and being able to take bags into lessons so they have ready access to all the materials they need for learning.

The code also includes tighter rules on uniform and on reducing the numbers of students outside of classrooms during lesson time.  As part of this the school has reminded students that toilets are freely accessible during specific periods at lunchtime and break time but that students who need the toilet during lessons, or need access for medical reasons, will always be given access on request. Toilets are therefore accessible at all times.

Bedale High is a school of 580 students and the vast majority today have participated fully and calmly with their lessons and wider provision.

The school has stated that families and students were fully informed of the new behaviour code  before half term and that many have given supportive feedback and view it as a positive step..



Posted on: Friday, March 10th, 2017
Category: Other News.