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At Bedale High School we are focused on supporting students to achieve the highest standards. Our key aim is to ensure that the quality of teaching and learning is high and that our students are successful.

 Learning is our core purpose


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Learning is our core purpose and all adults and students are encouraged to see themselves as lifelong learners.  The quality of teaching at Bedale High is rarely less than consistently good and often Outstanding. This high quality teaching coupled with teachers’ high expectations, enthusiasm and meticulous planning ensures that the overwhelming majority of our students make rapid and sustained progress.

Teachers at Bedale have excellent subject knowledge and work tirelessly to plan and deliver lessons which not only challenge and engage our students but also inspire and motivate them to succeed in all walks of life and ensure the best possible learning experience for our students. All of our teachers work to a clear Teaching and Learning policy which stresses the importance of delivering exciting and relevant lessons, designed to provide a wide range of learning experiences both within and outside the classroom. All staff and students alike are seen as individuals. At Bedale we feel that a key element is to have the personalisation of learning at the core of all we do. This is why our students and staff are life-long learners and are given every available opportunity for personalised development.

The Senior Leadership Team has a clear philosophy when it comes to teaching, believing that it is the responsibility of teachers to create a learning environment where students are set clear targets and given the appropriate tools to reach these targets…and in many cases to exceed them. This ethos from experienced successful practitioners is cascaded throughout the school so that learning is the focus of all lessons.

Leadership skills are used extensively across the curriculum and as a result our students are able to take responsibility for their own learning as well as that of their peers. They are encouraged to work collaboratively, give feedback on lessons, think creatively, challenge and participate effectively and reflect on their own learning, all of which add up to outstanding teaching and learning.

As our students move up through the school, we aim to make them more independent learners, encouraging them to take more responsibility for their progress and achievement. We understand that students learn in different ways and teachers use a wide range of learning and teaching strategies to help all our young people make progress.

At Bedale High School our entire teaching and learning strategy is based on the idea that every student and teacher is embarking upon their own personal learning journey. For students we set aspirational individual academic targets based upon baseline testing and regular review by academic and pastoral staff, ensuring that our students always know where they are on that journey and what they need to do to reach their destination. For staff we encourage self-reflection, collaboration and a desire for personal professional development.

Assessment for learning

The school has developed refined assessment practices which support student’s learning. Teachers are acutely aware of students’ prior attainment and are set challenging but achievable targets at the start of each year. Students can confidently discuss the targets they have been set in their subjects. They are actively encouraged to discuss their learning, at appropriate stages in lessons, with their peers and teacher and reflect on how to take the next steps with their work.

Students are provided with opportunities to mark their own and the work of their peers following structured mark schemes and to reflect and respond to this either with written or verbal communication in lessons. Teachers have been sharing good practice in development sessions on marking and feedback to support the learning of all their students.

Independent Learning

We know at Bedale High that learning does not just happen in the one hour chunks a secondary school timetable offers and we are committed to providing our students with various opportunities for learning.

Parent involvement in learning.

We realise at Bedale High that a student’s achievement in school can be greatly enhanced by parental involvement in their learning. At Bedale High School we engage fully with parents to assist our students in their learning. The VLE and school web-site will provide a portal through which parents will be able to access advice, links to web-sites, revision materials and progress information all of which will be one way which parents can become more involved in their child’s learning.

As well as the normal Parents’ Evenings we hold extra sessions where parents can come for advice on how to help their children with revision.

Home Learning

At Bedale High School we are always looking for ways to improve the student experience and engage and challenge our students.


Homework is set regularly and in all subjects, with the amount of dedicated time increasing as students get older. We monitor the amount and type of homework being set to maintain high standards. We also insist on students recording their homework in their personal planners and ask parents to check these every day and sign every week in order to keep lines of communication open with the school as necessary. We encourage parents to support their child by providing a quiet space and time for homework, taking an interest in the set tasks and providing praise and encouragement.

Parents can also support their child’s homework by using activities suggested on the Schemes of Learning and Assessment pages in the departmental sections of this website. There is also homework club and the Learning Resource centre to support students every day at lunchtime.

Special educational needs

The school has implemented the code of practice for special educational needs. This includes maintaining a database of students in the following categories:

  • statemented students
  • school action plus – students who receive some support from outside agencies
  • school action – students who receive provision within school, which is in addition to the normal in-class differentiation

Gifted and talented students

“Gifted and talented” students are identified by teacher nomination, school records of test results or other achievements; or information supplied by parents or the child themselves.

Staff work with the MAGT coordinator to ensure that the cohort of gifted and talented students is identified. These very able students are given suitably challenging work and opportunities to develop their skills through special projects. This complements the role of the classroom teacher, who has responsibility for ensuring that all students are provided with tasks that extend their existing knowledge and skills.