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Home School Agreement


We believe that successful education involves a three-way partnership in which parents, students and the school work together to enable each student to develop his or her abilities to the full.  Full details are given in the school prospectus.

In particular:  the school will provide effective teaching through a broad, balanced and up-to-date curriculum which seeks to meet the goals outlined in the aims of the school.  Students will take full advantage of these opportunities and parents will give them their active encouragement and support.

All members of the school community, with the encouragement of parents, will show courtesy, consideration and respect towards one another, maintain a smart appearance, adhere to the dress code, conduct themselves well on the way to and from school and support an ordered environment in which learning is effective and all members feel safe and valued.

Students, parents and the school will do their best to ensure continuity of learning through full attendance, except in cases of illness or when exceptional permission for leave of absence is requested and granted.

To enable students to make maximum progress and develop essential study skills the school will set regular and reasonable amounts of homework appropriate to the age and ability of students.  With the encouragement and support of parents, students will complete the work promptly and to the best of their ability.

Teachers will provide regular feedback to let students know how they are doing and what targets they should be aiming for in their work; students will do their best, come to school properly equipped and let their teachers know if they do not understand or need extra help.  Parents will show students that they are interested in their work and in the progress they are making.  Teachers, students and parents will be able to make use of the student planners for communication and effective organisation.  The school and parents will keep in contact through written reports and parents’ evenings and whenever a particular concern arises which could affect the young person’s education.