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Bedale High School is an 11-16 co-educational comprehensive, positioned on the edge of the town of Bedale – “Gateway to the Yorkshire Dales”.

Bedale High School is a highly regarded School whose pupils consistently gain examination results above the national average and win praise for their behaviour and appearance on trips outside the classroom.

The school offers ‘a place within education’ to virtually every aspect of community endeavour from pre-school to our joint use community sports and leisure centre. There is a corporate sense of pleasure at the achievements of all those associated with the school and a warmth which is tangible to the visitor.

As a parent you want the best for your child. As a school we are pledged to provide what we consider to be the best:

  • A learning environment, which is encouraging and supportive.
  • A caring and committed staff.
  • High standards of manners and appearance.
  • An inclusive school where tolerance, understanding and a respect for difference and diversity is embedded in our values and our practices.
  • A curriculum which is broad, balanced and relevant.
  • Impressive results in public examinations.
  • A school at the heart of its community.

We look forward to working with you in a partnership between home and school, which will provide the very best opportunities for your child.

Bedale High school is an 11-16 comprehensive serving a large rural catchment area.

The reputation of the school within the community is high and the school is well supported by both governors and parents. Relationships between pupils and staff are excellent and morale amongst teaching staff is of a high order.

The school was awarded Specialist School status in Humanities in September 2007, and in September 2009 the school achieved the International School Award following our outstanding work with partner schools around the world. As you can see from our website we have also achieved a wide range of other awards which reflect positively on the quality of education provided at the school.

The Aims of Bedale High School – ‘Teacher Speak’

  • We aim to provide all learners with a challenging curriculum that offers opportunities for intellectual extension beyond the confines of statutory requirements.
  • We aim to sustain a culture of outstanding learning and teaching, centred on high expectations, to raise self-esteem and develop individual potential to the full.
  • We value every individual, with an emphasis on personal achievement, and strive to equip all learners with the life skills necessary to succeed as healthy, responsible citizens in the modern world.
  • We aim to develop vibrant partnerships with all stakeholders, including parents, governors and other agencies, to maximise support for individual learning needs
  • We aim to create an exemplary environment for learning that is founded on good discipline, encouragement and mutual respect for each other and each other’s property.
  • We aim to promote and raise awareness of environmental issues.

The Aims of Bedale High School – ‘Learner Speak’

  • We aim to challenge and stretch you to achieve your best.
  • We aim to teach you to the highest standards. We will always expect you to do your very best, and we will try to build your confidence so that you achieve your full potential.
  • We value you very highly, as we value everyone in our school. During your time at Bedale High School we will do our best to help you develop the skills that will help you succeed in our modern world. We will do what we can to encourage you to lead a healthy lifestyle.
  • We will work with many partners, including your parents and the school governors to make sure that we have everything we need to help you succeed.
  • We will always try to create the best school that we can. We know that a school where there is good behaviour, where people respect each other and their property, and where every child is encouraged to do their best, will be a successful school.
  • We will always do what we can to make sure that you are healthy; safe; enjoy and achieve during your education; get involved in a wide variety of activities in school and around the community; and leave us at 16 with a number of positive future choices to help you succeed in life.
  • We will help you to understand why we live in a fragile global environment. We will also show you how you can help improve our environment so that the quality of life for everyone is as good as we can make it.