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At Bedale High School we aim high and inspire confident and successful learners who will strive to make a difference in an ever changing world.

At Bedale High School we aim to be a truly learning centered school that strives to nurture the creative talents of all its learners in order to maximize potential.

This occurs by providing inspiration, challenge and opportunity for all students, where learning is personalised according to need in an inclusive, caring and safe environment

Your child will be part of a close community school where our pastoral system ensures that everyone feels safe to learn.

As a result, all of our students are prepared to meet the challenges they face in school and later life with confidence and determination and they develop ambition and aspiration from within.

Positive personal relationships are a central feature of our school. We are at the heart of the local community, helping meet the diverse needs of learners, with the support of all our stakeholders, especially parents and our excellent feeder primaries.

All our systems, from pastoral through to curricula, are implemented to meet the core purpose of learning.

All teaching aims to be informed by our own best practice, and we are able to take innovative risks with confidence.

Bedale High School aims to inspire confident forward looking learners ( both in the students and staff) who will thrive in a changing world.

Along with our core values of respect & responsibility, aspiration & achievement, and confidence & contribution. We will develop a range of learning and personal skills in our learners that will enable them to be life long learners through the “5Rs plus one” (Resilient, Resourceful, Responsible, Reasoning, Reflective plus Respectful ) and will enable them to think independently as a result.

At our Bedale High School, learning is our core purpose where we strive at “excellence for all in an ever-changing world.”

Reporting to Parents 2017-18
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