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Student Support

Student support is a support centre for students. They can access information on outside agencies such as Active Engagement, COMPASS and the Targeted Youth Service. Members of staff work closely with these agencies to provide extra support to students. Students can also access student support if they have a personalised timetable and can use the time to complete unfinished work.

Mrs Hoile supports students in KS3.

Mrs Coombs supports students in KS4.

Interventions include short term or long term, in class support, 1:1 and group support.

Student Support is open five days a week and lunch times when required. Mrs Hoile runs a Military Kids Club on a Wednesday lunchtime for those children whose families are in the forces.


The Inclusion Base

The Inclusion Base is a vital part of school life and is situated in the heart of the school, where pupils have access to specialist resources and up to date information technology to build their skills and knowledge. Our team provides classroom support, small group support and one to one support to meet the academic needs of the individual. We also provide a variety of lunch and break time activities to discreetly support pupils in improving their social skills. We aim to promote achievement and enjoyment along with providing pupils with the skills and the confidence they need to work, live and learn independently.

The Learning Support Team has experience and expertise in supporting children and young people with additional learning, medical and behavioural needs. These include visual impairment, hearing impairment, Asperger’s syndrome, autistic spectrum condition, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, dyspraxia and dyslexia. One key aspect is that student’s with SEND will be closely monitored, as all students are, to ensure that their progress is satisfactory/good.

The department works closely with all other departments in the school as well as the local authority’s Access and Inclusion advisory Networks, Health and other external agencies. As a school we aim to provide pupil centred education where individual needs are recognised and appropriate intervention and support is given.

Many of our students will confirm, support for those with additional needs does not finish at the end of lesson bell. School life at Bedale High School goes much further than that, so the SEN department strives to ensure that students who need support to access extra-curricular activities receive it and those who need something a little bit different are catered for.

BHS Information Report

For the school’s Access and Inclusion Policy, please visit the Policies page.

For North Yorkshire County Council’s local offer, please visit here: Local Offer


Bedale High School’s EMS (Enhanced Mainstream School) for Autism makes provision, on behalf of North Yorkshire County Council’s Children and Young People’s Service forming part of the Inclusive Education Service.

The core purpose of EMSs is to enable children and young people with high need, to access and make progress within a mainstream environment. To do this EMSs:

  • Provide outreach support to schools in their local area to share and develop specialist skills, knowledge and practice
  • provide specialist support for mainstream schools to enable them to better support children and young people with a wide range of high needs in their home school
  • ensure that individual children and young people with defined high needs access appropriate support

Exceptionally, where it is agreed by professionals that a local mainstream school (without EMS status) cannot meet need, some children and young people may access provision at the EMS full time through in-reach places.

The EMS is led by a Teacher in Charge who is supported by a Specialist Practitioner and an ATA (Advanced Teaching Assistant). The Teacher in Charge in the EMS has a postgraduate qualification and accesses on-going training in specialist approaches and interventions.