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Values and Ethos

Excellence for all in an ever changing world. 

In partnership with students, parents and the community Bedale High School provides an inclusive, caring and challenging learning environment which helps students to realise their potential.

Bedale High School is an inclusive school catering for the needs of all students. We set high standards in all areas of endeavour, and we aim to create a positive learning environment where young people are engaged and motivated to learn. Our focus is on the quality of teaching and learning, and our objective is to enable every student to realise their full potential.

We recognise that young people learn most effectively where they feel safe. Our parents consistently confirm that we are a nurturing, caring and supportive school, and they value our focus on building confidence and self-esteem as a platform for academic achievement and excellence.

We strive for a high level of academic and examination success to enable our students to move on to post-16 programmes of study, and ultimately on to further and higher education, work and training. Bedale High School students are much sought after by local post-16 providers because they succeed, are confident, mature and motivated.

We recognise that the ‘taught’ curriculum is only part of what makes Bedale High School a successful school, and we pride ourselves on offering a rich extra-curricular programme of activities. We encourage young people to develop their talents in every area of endeavour, not least in Music, Drama, Sports and a host of other activities. We aim to broaden horizons, giving young people opportunities and challenges. All of these additional opportunities provide an arena in which skills can be honed and refined, relationships consolidated and learning embedded.

We believe that learning can only be at its most effective where students behave responsibly. The maintenance of an orderly, calm and purposeful learning environment underpins the education that we provide at Bedale High School. We ensure that our students acquire a sense of right and wrong, are sensitive to the needs and feelings of others and can make a valuable contribution to society. Students have a genuine voice Bedale High School, they work with staff to shape our agenda on a wide range issues. Students can also support and care for each other through a variety of roles not least as House Captains and Community Leaders.

Please take the opportunity to visit our school and you will see at first hand that our words genuinely are manifest in deeds. Join us at our Open Evening or on “taster days” or just call to arrange an opportunity to see our school at work..

Mrs Siân Rees