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Learning Resource Centre


The LRC is open from 8:45 to 15:20 each day and is accessible to all years and all abilities.

The LRC is used as a teaching classroom throughout the day and is open at break and lunchtime for students to do homework, use the computers, sit and read, watch tv, play board games, do AR quizzes or take part in quizzes and competitions. We also have Film Friday each week when students may bring their lunch up and watch the latest DVDs (which can then be borrowed by students and staff at no cost).

As part of the English Curriculum students in Year 7 and Year 8 come over to the LRC for lessons once a fortnight. After induction lessons at the start of Year 7 students then go onto the Accelerated Reading Programme which monitors what they are reading and allows them to complete quizzes afterwards to collect points. This has been a very successful programme which we have been running for nearly four years now. We hold assemblies for each year group at the end of each half term to celebrate the students’ successes.

The LRC has two kindles, for staff and students to borrow (students need to obtain parental consent first).

We also have two Ipad2’s that students may book to use within the LRC at break or lunchtime.

All the computers, Ipads and Kindles in the LRC have been purchased using money from fundraising, over £11,000!

The LRC provides a safe and up to date environment for students to catch up on homework and coursework deadlines, to take themselves into another dimension whilst they are reading all the latest books or magazines or to just chill out and watch a film at the end of the week. We have 19 computers, a printer and lots of comfy chairs.

Why not come along and see what we have to offer, everyone is welcome.

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