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What Others Say


About Us – What Others Say:


    – ‘There has been a step change in the quality of education at Bedale’.
    – ‘The new leadership team has secured substantial improvements at school’.
    – ‘The most striking improvement has been in the standards of behaviour of pupils’.
    – ‘Leaders have a strong track record of improving the school’.
    – ‘Pupils make good progress from their starting points’.
    – ‘Teachers have strong subject knowledge and plan well’.
    – ‘Teachers listen intently to what pupils say and question them well to push them forward in their learning’.
    – ‘Pupils develop into rounded citizens and grasp any wider opportunities that they are given’.
    – ‘School plans for students to become ‘successful learners, confident individuals and responsible citizens’ – they are successful with this’.
    – ‘Pupils have an increasingly strong sense of pride in their school and are committed to their studies’.
    – ‘The school is a calm and orderly place in which to learn’.
    – ‘Governors have a strong and clear vision for the quality of education at school’.
    – ‘Pupils report that they feel safe at school’.
    – ‘Parents and pupils are positive about the standard of teaching at school. Inspectors agree’.
    – ‘Teachers and other adults model values of tolerance and respect in the way they interact with pupils’.
    – ‘Pupils are happy with the way the school helps them to focus on emotional, physical and mental health’.
    – ‘Pupils are polite, courteous and well-behaved’.
    – ‘Any bullying is dealt with swiftly by adults’.


    – 100% of parents would recommend this school to another parent
    – 100% of parents feel that their child is happy at this school
    – 100% of parents feel that their child is safe at this school
    – 100% of parents feel that the school has high expectations for their child
    – 100% of parents feel that the school supports their child’s wider personal development


    – ‘My daughter has made a really positive transition from primary school. Her Form Tutor has been a fabulous support in helping her settle and has been a vital link for us, as parents.’
    (Yr 7 Parent)
    – ‘We were a little anxious about the Options process but Mr Gill was really helpful. The booklet we were given, and the Options parent evening meant that we had all the information we needed to make the right choices’. (Yr 8 Parent)
    – ‘I am so grateful for the support for my daughter and her friends in Year 11. It can be such a stressful time but teachers put on after-school classes and one to one mentoring, they came in during the holidays, and the pastoral team really kept on top of any anxieties.’ (Yr 11 Parent)
    – ‘The Duke of Edinburgh initiative has been brilliant. Thanks to the staff who gave up so much time to support it. We loved seeing our son growing in confidence and he loved the camping…we would recommend it to every parent!’ (Year 10 Parent)
    – ‘We got a lot of help just when we needed it to get our son back on track. The GCSE Information Support Evening reminded us of some very useful actions we can take at home, and of all the support that is available in school’. (Yr 11 Parent)