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Art & Textiles

GCSE Art & Textiles – Changes to Exam this year (2022)

Key changes:

For GCSE Art and Design and Textile Design students will only complete Component 1 (Portfolio) only. This is a portfolio of work that in total shows explicit coverage of the four assessment objectives:

AO1 – Research

AO2 – Experimenting

AO3 – Recording Ideas

AO4 – A personal Response.

At BHS students will be submitting the following work:

Art – Habitat project / sweets project (supporting evidence) and the main project: Evolution / Discovery project which they are currently working on.

Textiles – Steam Punk / Art Deco project (supporting evidence) and the Natural / Urban landscape project which they are currently working on.

Students will be given time after the Easter holidays to work on selecting the best parts of their supporting evidence to put together a portfolio which will be marked alongside their current project.

Component 1 will be marked out of 96 as usual and grade boundaries will stay the same as 2019.

What support is there available in school?

Intervention sessions every Thursday afterschool (15:05 – 16:30) and every Friday lunch time (13:30 – 14:05) it is compulsory for each student to attend at least one of these.

Intervention sessions throughout the Easter Holidays (TBC)

Personalised self-study tasks given each week to help students progress through their project.

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Component One: The Written Examination

Section A: Roles and Responsibilities in the Theatre

What will you be required to do?

 Answer 4 x Multiple choice answers

Revision Focus Areas:

  • The different roles and responsibilities in the Theatre (Stage manager, Director, Lighting Designer, technician, Actor etc.)
  • Staging Types
  • Position names on the stage (eg. Centre stage, down stage right etc)
  • Advantages and disadvantages of the different staging types

Section B: Set Text (Blood Brothers)

What will you be required to do?

  • Answer x 4 questions based on the play Blood Brothers by Willy Russell.
  • You will be given an extract from this section of the play (listed below) on the examination paper

Act Two

Start: (page number 68)

The classroom sequence breaks up as we see Mrs Lyons staring at a piece of paper. Edward is standing before her.
Mrs Lyons (incredulously) Suspended? Suspended? (She looks at the paper.) Because of a locket.

Finish: (page number 75)

Edward Come on then… ma…

Question 1 will focus on either set or costume design based on the extract (4 marks)

Question 2 will focus on the performance of one character within this extract and you will be asked to describe their use of vocal and physical skills based on a specific line in the extract (8 marks)

Question 3 will focus on a specific character from within the extract and you will be asked to zoom in on a shaded area within the extract itself. You will then be asked to discuss this character’s relationship on stage with other characters in the scene with clear explanations of how they might use the performance space on stage. (12 marks)

Question 4 will require a longer response and will ask you to imagine that you are playing a specific character from the play. You Will need to describe in detail how you might use your vocal and physical skills in order to bring this role to life, referring to several key moments throughout the play and demonstrating your understanding of the play as a whole. (20 marks)

Revision Focus Areas:

  • Practice writing responses to each of the four questions above. Pay close attention to the marks for each one. The length of your response should reflect this.
  • You should re-read the play several times so that you have a clear idea of the plot and the sequence of events.
  • Describe the following characters in detail and explain how they use vocal and physical skills in the extract above and throughout the play as a whole – Mickey, Eddie, Mrs. Johnstone, Mrs. Lyons, Linda
  • The main themes in the play
  • Describe and explain costume choices for the main characters in the play
  • The context of the play -when and where was it set? What was the political landscape like?
  • What might the stage look like? How would Mickey and Eddie’s houses differ and why?

Section C: Live theatre Analysis

What will you be required to do?

Describe how one or more actors used their vocal and physical skills to show how their character develops in the production of Hairspray that we saw at Sunderland Empire theatre in January 2022.

*If you did not attend this trip, you should by now have watched the film version of Hairspray on You Tube and base your response on this instead.

Then you will be required to analyse and evaluate how successful this actor was in showing how their character develops to the audience.

You could make reference to:
• vocal skills, for example pitch, pace and tone of voice
• physical skills, for example body language and facial expression

  • a scene or section and/or the production as a whole.

Revision Focus Areas:

  • Select two characters from Hairspray and list their Vocal and Physical Skills
  • Select three key moments for each of these two characters from the production and be able to talk about how they use their vocal and physical skills effectively in each
  • Be able to describe and evaluate the set design and costumes used in the production – how did they add to the overall look of the show and the characters themselves?
  • Can you describe the historical, social and cultural context of the production?
  • What are the main themes in the production?
  • You should practice crafting a detailed and well-structured essay type response for this question – we will work on this in lessons and as part of your self-study this term.

BOOSTER REVISION SESSIONS focusing on the written exam paper will be held every Tuesday and Friday lunchtime in the drama studio with Mrs. Woodward from 1335 – 1400. Bring your lunch.

Further sources to support your revision

BBC Bitesize – How to answer the written exam questions:

Live theatre Evaluation

Staging Types

Stage positioning

Theatre roles

Drama Specific Vocabulary

Hairspray – Resource Pack

Layout 1 (

Hairspray – full Musical Production on You Tube

Hairspray 2007 (Part One)

English Lit and Lang

English Literature

How things have changed for 2022

In 2021 we learnt that there would be a reduction in subject content and there have been no changes since then. There will be no advance information on what exams will cover for GCSE English Literature. Below are how our papers will be organised this year.

Literature Paper 1 (2 x 50min papers)

  • 19th century novel: A Christmas Carol

30 marks

  • Modern prose/drama: An Inspector Calls

30 marks

Literature Paper 2 (still 1hr 45 mins)

  • Shakespeare: Macbeth

30 + 4 marks

  • Unseen Poetry Essay

24 marks + 4 marks

  • Unseen Poetry Comparison

8 marks

English Language

How things have changed for 2022

There has been very little change for English Language but we have learnt a little bit about what students will face in Language Paper 2. We have no additional information on Language Paper 1.

Language Paper 2 (still 1hr 45 mins)

In Section A students will be asked questions on the following text types:

  • Source A- 21st century autobiographical writing
  • Source B- 19th century essay

In Section B, students will be required to write an article.


Component 1: Exploring the Media

Section A: Exploring Media Language and Representation

This section will assess:

·         Media Language: Print Advertisement (QS OR TGC)

·         Media Contexts and Representation: Magazines – Pride front cover and ‘unseen’ magazine front cover

Section B: Exploring Media Industries and Audiences

This section will assess:

·         Media Industries: Film – Spectre

·         Audiences: Video Games – Fortnite; includes synoptic assessment


Component 2: Understanding Media Forms and Products

Section A: Television – Crime drama

This section will assess:

·         Media Language: Television – Luther

·         Media Contexts : Television – Luther

Section B: Music

This section will assess:

·         Representation: Music videos – Bad Blood (Taylor Swift) and Freedom (Pharrell Williams)

·         Media Industries: Music websitesTaylor Swift

GCSE Advance Information 2022


Changes to GCSE Music course for 2022

Students are asked to

  • record one solo piece with a duration of at least a minute and a half (Deadline 18th February)
  • compose one piece of music with a duration of at least two minutes (Deadline 18th February)
  • sit a Listening exam (Section A and B)

Section A is unknown music to the students. The tracks used in section A will come from the following genres/styles within each of the areas of study: Western classical tradition 1650 –1910, Popular music, traditional music, Western classical tradition since 1910.

Section B is set works of Mozart Clarinet Concerto & Prologue/Little Shop of Horrors (overture)

What support is there available in school?

Composition and Solo recording support – Monday Lesson 5 intervention plus Tuesday & Thursday after school until the deadline of Friday 18th February.

Listening Exam support- Thursday after school (3.05-4.00pm) plus we shall be focusing on this within lesson time.

Other useful links

Section A of the listening exam:                  

Section B Mozart: walkthrough:                  

Section B Prologue/Little Shop of Horrors:



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