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Year 7 Literacy and Numeracy Catch Up Premium

Catch Up Year 7 : 2013-14

Amount received 2013-14 Spent 2013-14
£11500 £11500


11 students received Catch-Up tuition in English during 2013-14. All successfully achieving Level 4 at the end of Year 7.

14 students received Catch -Up provision in mathematics during 2013-14. 11 students have successfully secured level 4 or greater. Three students are receiving additional tuition.

Longitudinal impact 2013-14

Progress is tracked and support given in lessons to consolidate and extend learning. The Catch –Up cohort in English from 2013-14 indicate that two students have achieved their end of Year 8 target which is commendable. Discussions with English staff and parents will lead to amending targets accordingly.

In mathematics, three students have made greater than expected progress.

Catch Up Year 7 : 2014-15

Amount received 2014-15 Spent 2014-15
£10000 £10000


In mathematics 13 students receive additional tuition and apart from one student all are making expected progress at this stage.

The school continued to use Accelerated Reader software to monitor practice of reading

Higher level Teaching Assistant support staff were provided in both Mathematics and English

Visits were made by Mathematic and English staff to primary schools and additional CPD was undertaken by mathematics staff regarding numeracy